• Gabi Herrera

    Gabi Herrera

    Class of 2013
    St. Paul, MN
    Marketing, Management

    Gabi's Bio:
    I love being considered a “city girl” although St. Paul seems small to me sometimes. I chose to come to Duluth for aesthetic reasons and the sense of community that Scholastica embodies. Being in three clubs, a student senator, full credit load, and two part time jobs, I keep myself very busy. I wouldn't trade it for anything! We need to take advantage of the prime time in our life. These four years go by faster than high school, and I’m just trying to enjoy every moment of it!

  • Katelyn Gehling

    East Bethel, MN
    Exercise Physiology for Pre-Physical Therapy

    Shivani Singh

    Mumbai, India
    Management & Marketing

    Neena Koslowski

    Apple Valley, MN

    Laila Zemar

    Casablanca, Morocco
    Biochemistry, Biology and Pre-med

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    Brussels, Belgium
    Accounting Major; Finance minor

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    Graduate Student
    Fargo, ND
    M.S. Health Information Management

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    Minneapolis, MN
    Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Social Work

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    Saint Paul, MN
    Elementary Education

  • Brooke Elvehjem

    Mora, MN

    Conrado Eiroa Solans

    Madrid, Spain
    Psychology Major, Biology minor

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    Graduate Student
    Oak Grove, MN
    Doctorate of Physical Therapy

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    Richfield, MN
    Accounting and Finance

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    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Mathematics & Computer Science

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    Bogotá, Colombia
    Marketing and Business Management

    Daniela Moreno Gomez

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Computer Information Systems and Finance

    Jin Baek

    Aurora, CO
    Biology and Chemistry (Pre-Med)

  • Takudzwa Munjanja

    Gweru, Zimbabwe
    Health Information Management, CIS minor

What I like about me article in the cable

I made it in to this week’s cable! They do a section where they interview someone different every week. I got a cool photo shoot with Dan Branovan, friend, and fellow senior. The questions were quite goofy.

What I Like About Me:

Name: Gabi Herrera

Year: Senior

Major: Marketing and Management with a Spanish minor

Home town: Saint Paul, Minnesota

What are you most proud of in your life? I’m proud to be bilingual and in touch with my Mexican heritage.

Favorite books? To Kill a Mockingbird or any Judy Blume book. I don’t read much :/

What hidden talent do you have? I can easily balance in a ballerina stance.

What do you like to do in your free time? Watch shows on Netflix, watch game shows, play Wheel of Fortune on Wii, go to movies, eat out at restaurants, play solitaire, go shopping, cook with my dad.

What are you incredibly passionate about? GLBT rights and equality, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence prevention, learning about other cultures.

Favorite band/artist? Coldplay.

Movie that makes you laugh the hardest: Mean Girls.

What mantra do you live your life by? Work hard, or die trying.

Best pick-up line? If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I next to each other.

What do you like most about Scholastica? The warm sense of community!

Do you prefer Duluth in the Summer or Winter, and why? Summer. I lived here this summer, so it was much more enjoyable than the insanely cold temperatures. It’s much more enjoyable being outside!

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Being a manager of a business. Preferably my own restaurant.

Would you rather be in The Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, and why? Considering I’ve never seen Star Wars, I guess I’ll say LOTR…

What is your most favorite place on Earth and why? MEXICO. Anywhere in Mexico. I’ve been there 13 or more times in my life, and my heart belongs there!


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