• Dina Clabaugh

    Dina Clabaugh

    Career Counselor
    Littlefork, MN
    BA Public Health, UMD. MS College Counseling & Student Development and Rehabilitation Counseling, SCSU.

    Dina's Bio:
    Whether I am helping a student take the next step after college, facilitating a career workshop or organizing group runs through the trails over the noon hour, I am always working, playing and living well in the great north woods. I came to Duluth and St. Scholastica four years ago. I adore the big city life and still love playing in it, but most of the time I am enjoying the woods and all the beautiful things northern Minnesota has to offer. Connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

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You are what you tweet!


The health educator in me loves this line: “You are what you tweet.”

If I had a dollar for every Twitter article and student story I’ve encountered in the past few months my decaf triple grande nonfat lattes would be “on the house” for an entire year! Ha ha.

In all seriousness, if you are a high school student, college student,  or job searcher you best beware. Ninety-three percent of companies use social media tools and systems for recruiting most positions. And according to an article in the Times this weekend, even college admissions officials have occasionally rejected applicants, or revoked their acceptances, because of something they saw on online profiles.

I no longer need to search out literature for my personal branding and social media presentations. Instead I update my slides on a weekly basis because the the twitter-verse is exploding with social media and career related news.

Act now. Be thoughtful about your online presence and OWN IT! Build a beautiful LinkedIn profile. Our counselors will critique your online profile along with your resumes. The time has come. Embrace it…we are.

More great reading on personal branding and social media here.


{Image courtesy of The New York Times.}


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