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Losing Things

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Usually I am someone who really has their life put together and figured out.  I’m very organized and clean as well.  Well recently, I have really been struggling with everything in my life for some reason.  Last week I got a flat tire and also lost my house keys.  Today I misplaced one of my most favorite gloves, and only one of them to be very clear.  I am awfully flustered and I don’t really know what’s wrong with me.  I don’t really have any other distractions in my life right now, so I guess I’m confused as to why all of these things are happening.  I don’t really know if it’s a sign from the gods that I should slow down my life a little bit or what.  The only thing I can think of is that I have been pretty busy recently, so maybe I’m not paying attention to the little details in life.  All I hope is that my life starts to turn around a little bit soon!!!

Flat Tire

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Well this week has been pretty stressful so far. I have a lot going on in terms of work and school. Both have been pretty time demanding and unfortunately it seems like I don’t have a lot of time to spare. To top it all off, I got an extremely flat, shredded tire yesterday and have had to figure that out today. I was lucky in the sense that my dad conveniently had to come near Duluth for work today so he stopped and helped me put my spare tire on to bring my car to the shop. I just got done with that a little bit ago and now I am just going to have to wait until it’s ready. I am very fortunate to have friends that are very willing to drive me to the places I need to be. I am also fortunate because I have a family friend that owns an auto body shop so they are always pretty good to me there. Crossing my fingers that I get my car back soon and that the rest of this week goes better!!!

3 Weeks in…

Saturday, February 3rd, 2018

A typical semester is 16 weeks long. To think that I have already burned 3 of those 16 weeks makes my heart palpitate. (more…)

Outdoor Pursuit Lutsen

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Just yesterday I signed up for the Lutsen Skiing and Snowboarding Trip through CSS’s Outdoor Pursuit Program.  Outdoor Pursuit is a club on campus that promotes various outdoor (and some indoor) activities.  Activities range from Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing, Rock Climbing, Camping, Canoeing, and many many other things.  I’ve done plenty of trips through the OP Program, and have never not had fun.  Some of the trips are free and some require a small fee. The Lutsen Skiing and Snowboarding Trip costs $30 for the lift ticket and an extra $17-19 for the rental of skis or a snowboard and the boots for them too.  So, for only $47 dollars I get to go to Lutsen and ski all day long, and I seriously think that it will be so fun to do.  I’ve been to Lutsen about 3 times already and I think it has some of the best slopes in Minnesota.  Opt out with OP!!!!

Evolve Duluth

Wednesday, January 24th, 2018

Evolve is a yoga-focused studio that is located in downtown Duluth.  My sister introduced me to their classes when I was a freshman at CSS, and I go when I can.  It costs $10 for students to drop-in on a class, but there are also a ton of different memberships that people can apply to in order to save money and go to lots of classes.  I have always enjoyed going, but it isn’t always the most convenient thing to have to pay for yoga when the school offers free classes.  There are a couple of differences between the two.  First of all, all yoga instructors at Evolve are actually certified whereas the student teachers at Scholastica don’t have to be certified.  Secondly, I already stated that one costs money whereas the other is free.  I don’t necessarily prefer one over the other because I have done so much yoga that I can find my focus no matter who is teaching.  Yoga is honestly so good for you because spending 30-45 minutes for your body and mind clear your head from all the stress and worry of school.