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Outdoor Hockey

Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Hockey rinks around Duluth are starting to open up to the public! With the colder temperatures upon us, the conditions are perfect for forming good ice. Duluth Heights rink, a popular rink with St. Scholastica students due to its close proximity, was the first to open in Duluth this year. I have had the chance to skate on it twice since it opened with friends and I love it! If you love hockey/skating or want to learn, Duluth is the place to go!



Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Mother Nature unleashed a mighty snowstorm on Duluth this past weekend. 22 inches on campus to be exact. The blizzard conditions wreaked havoc on Duluth, with plows still not having the roads cleared by Tuesday night. The roads were so bad the St. Scholastica and all surrounding schools decided to cancel classes Monday. Scholastica also had a delayed start until noon on Tuesday. Many students, including myself, took this extended Thanksgiving break time to study for our exams in the coming weeks, write our papers, and relax just a little bit longer before we report back to class. Students on campus were also seen sledding down the hill in front of Tower Hall! We make the best of situations here in Duluth, MN! 



Monday, October 21st, 2019

This past weekend I visited my cousin in southern Minnesota. Up until this time, every time I travelled to the cities I used Groome Transportation, a shuttle service with about 15 daily trips to the Minneapolis airport. Tickets are $55 a piece, which seems reasonable for a 3 hour drive and such frequent trips, but recently I discovered Landline: a full size coach service with 3-5 trips a day with an extremely interesting pricing strategy.  If you are one of the first three passengers to book with them, the Duluth-Minneapolis trip costs only $8.99! If you’re not so lucky (which I have been the three times I’ve used it so far, and I’ve only booked a couple of days in advance), tickets are still whooping $19.99, and if you are one of the last ones to buy the ticket, you still save over $15 when compared to Groome, at $29.99. If this wasn’t enough, they will give you a free soda and snack during your trip! Certainly, at only $8.99 with a snack and soda, one might wonder where they make profit–but all I know is that over the span of a weekend I’ve saved almost $100, and I had several seats to myself both trips. Now it seems like Minneapolis and St. Paul are closer than ever to St. Scholastica!!


Common Spaces in Kerst

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Something needs to be said about them: they are fantastic. I often find myself thinking that I live in an apartment building (after all, that is what the building is), but equally often, I seem to forget about all the shared spaces there are in Kerst (as in the other apartment buildings on campus!). Not only is there a mansion-worthy living room with a large fire place on every floor–there are also pool and ping-pong tables, study and prayer rooms (reminiscent of its Catholic tradition, I suppose) and bathrooms and laundry facilities! The living room on the first floor is by far the most beautiful (it resembles that of a huge cabin in the middle of the woods), but it needs to be said that all of these amenities make the whole building feel more like a comfortable mansion than a dry apartment building!

First Snow of the Year!

Monday, October 14th, 2019

I never thought walking around in freezing temperatures would give me a warm, home-y feeling, but that was totally the case last Saturday, when I found myself being delighted by the snowfall on my way to downtown. Of course, the word ‘freezing’ has gained slightly different connotations by virtue of living in Duluth for a couple of years (before, anything below 0°C was, by all means, freezing; now, it is barely the freezing point of water… but it isn’t “actually that cold”), but this doesn’t account for the warm feeling I experienced inside. I was excited for the snow! I can’t believe I’m giving this to Minnesotans, but I might be starting to understand why (although still not entirely share) they planted a city in such a frigid place.