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Common Spaces in Kerst

Monday, October 14th, 2019

Something needs to be said about them: they are fantastic. I often find myself thinking that I live in an apartment building (after all, that is what the building is), but equally often, I seem to forget about all the shared spaces there are in Kerst (as in the other apartment buildings on campus!). Not only is there a mansion-worthy living room with a large fire place on every floor–there are also pool and ping-pong tables, study and prayer rooms (reminiscent of its Catholic tradition, I suppose) and bathrooms and laundry facilities! The living room on the first floor is by far the most beautiful (it resembles that of a huge cabin in the middle of the woods), but it needs to be said that all of these amenities make the whole building feel more like a comfortable mansion than a dry apartment building!

Mailboxes (over summer!)

Monday, June 24th, 2019

As an international student, there’s always a little insecurity around summer. You don’t have a house to store your belongings, or an American address to send things if you have to. Fortunately, CSS has taken care of both of those things. The summer storage option is incredibly convenient, and—perhaps surprisingly—knowing you have a mailbox that belongs to you for the entire duration of your undergrad is equally reassuring. It is a small thing that isn’t often talked about, but the ability to put down an address as yours even though you might be living in different apartments during these four years is very  comforting. For instance, I know that even though I’m not there, if a friend wants to send me something trough the mail over summer they can send it to that address and I know I’ll receive it when I get back in the fall. As simple as this sounds, I find it very valuable! 

Dorm Life

Friday, May 3rd, 2019

I am going to take a bold move and write briefly about living on campus in the apartments! See, I only lived in the dorms, Somers Suites, briefly over summer 2016. The majority of my time here at CSS was spent living in the apartments.


Rainy Mornings

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Past few days have been quite wet and not the most pleasant. Especially, mornings have become all the way more tough to wake up to. The dull and gloomy climate makes the perfect natural  ambience for naps . . . and I mean looooooooong naps. The crisp chilly breeze with the scents of moist soil and the upcoming green is a sensual addition to the pleasant drizzle and cloudy skies.



Tuesday, March 19th, 2019

During Spring break, I was effortlessly drawn to reorganizing things . . . literally, everything! Right from my bathroom caddy to my wardrobe, I went through each bin, closet, drawer, cabinet, etc in order to re-organize my stuff. Not necessarily as much of getting rid of materials but simply more of cleaning, dusting and placing back in designated spots.