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Classes that prepared me for my internship

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

I am half way done with my summer internship at U.S. Bank. Over the past six weeks I have used skills and knowledge from three main classes; Accounting Information Systems, Healthcare Finance, and Financial Markets & Intuitions. Accounting Information systems exposed me to risk and controls which is highly relevant to my internship and in a banking environment. Believe it or not, Healthcare Finance helped me in a banking internship. The way the class was structured allowed me to improve my writing skills and manage my time to work on lengthy assignments. For instance, the class was a hybrid of online and in class. Every two weeks, a writing assignment was due. The writing portion and time management has been beneficial to my internship experience. Financial Markets & Institutions exposed me to several banking regulations. This course has been helpful because I am able to understand the financial market based on what is regulated, why its regulated and how is it regulated. Because of this course, I am able to fully understand what’s going on in the baking industry.

Online Resources to improve your CS skills

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

Taking into account that when pursuing a CIS major you will most likely need to rely on resources others than your textbooks, and the lectures’ content I have been using Coursera. This is an educational online platform where you can access courses in any subject. The courses’ content is being offered by different schools both within the United States and abroad. I have found the courses to be extremely helpful as I get to broaden my theoretical understanding of CIS concepts and put them into practice. Early this summer I took a course with DataCamp and have recently started taking a course on Pluralsight, I look forward to improving my understanding of some programming languages in the weeks to come.

Time Management

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

In college, time management is very important. I suggest practicing this important skill right away. By far, freshman year is the less difficult year for most college students. Being able to manage time during this phase of college is vital for the remaining year of college and In a professional work environment. I was able to manage my time by  planning my days out and anticipating events. For instance, in a morning, I would know what meetings I am scheduled for, what classes I have, what homework is due, what time is practice. I will then schedule time for lunch and dinner in between. I will also keep in mind what time I will be taking a 15 minute nap, what time I will use my phone and what time I will have for my own entertainment. By doing this, I was able to enjoy a full 24 hour to the fullest, be more prductive, sleep more and turn assignments on time.

Wall Street Journal

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

I got into the Wall Street journal my sophomore year. I took my macroeconomics course and part of the course was to subscribe to the Wall Street journal. We got a really great deal for an entire semester. For the entire semester, we were mailed hard copies. I would pick it up every afternoon in the mail room. I am thankful I built habits to read the Wall Street journal. Today, I am still reading and I enjoy it. I have learned a lot of what’s going on in the world today just by reading it. I’m thankful I build the habit during my macroeconomics course at Scholastica.

Big Four Fair

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

My professor sent me an email to sign up for the big four career fair this August. The big four are the top four public accounting firms in the world. The career fair is in Minneapolis and it is a great opportunity to learn more about the firms, expand the network, and be recruited.  I would not have known about it if my professor did not send me the email to sign up. I am looking forward to it. I plan to use all the skills I have developed and learned from career services.