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Two Exams Next Week

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

It is already a month into the semester and I have not been tested for my accounting classes. I have had a couple of quizzes, but not tested. On Monday and Tuesday I will have my exams for Intermediate Accounting 2 and Cost Accounting. The plan is to manage my time well starting today all the way to Tuesday. Tomorrow, I plan to stay up all Friday night to study for my intermediate test. On Saturday morning, I will refresh what I studied and continue to study all throughout the afternoon. I will take a few breaks here and then and then start studying for my cost accounting. On Sunday, I will spend the morning studying for cost accounting and then after a break I will shift back into the Intermediate  2 and spend the night studying it. On Monday I will have a bit of time to continue studying for the Intermediate test up until 1 pm. After the test, I plan to study for cost accounting all the way through. Should be a busy weekend but I want to get an A for both these test. Looking forward to it.

Class Visit to UW Superior

Monday, February 12th, 2018

Today, my Honors 2777 Class (Politics of Science in the US) crossed the bridge and paid a visit to Dr. Lorena Rios Mendoza’s lab at UW Superior. Our professor, Dr. Maki, organized the trip as part of our current focus on environmental chemistry. Dr. Mendoza is an expert in the field and we were fortunate to spend time learning from her and discussing common environmental issues affecting the Greater Lakes area. We will be discussing this visit on Wednesday and share what we learned as well as draft a way forward.

My Online and In Person Hybrid Class

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

I am taking an elective course this semester for my finance major. I am required to take two upper division elective finance classes to complete my schema requirements. The elective I chose this semester is Healthcare Finance. One of my favorite professors in campus is teaching this course and I am enjoying the new “style” our course is basically an online course but we meet once a week just to discuss what we learned and learn more too. Our class consist of four random quizzes throughout the year, assignments every other week and discussion posts. Healthcare is a big topic in today’s world! Prior to this class, I knew nothing about healthcare. After less than a month, I know a lot! I cant wait how much more I will learn this semester. I will finally be able to have a conversation with people based on healthcare.

Flat Tire

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Well this week has been pretty stressful so far. I have a lot going on in terms of work and school. Both have been pretty time demanding and unfortunately it seems like I don’t have a lot of time to spare. To top it all off, I got an extremely flat, shredded tire yesterday and have had to figure that out today. I was lucky in the sense that my dad conveniently had to come near Duluth for work today so he stopped and helped me put my spare tire on to bring my car to the shop. I just got done with that a little bit ago and now I am just going to have to wait until it’s ready. I am very fortunate to have friends that are very willing to drive me to the places I need to be. I am also fortunate because I have a family friend that owns an auto body shop so they are always pretty good to me there. Crossing my fingers that I get my car back soon and that the rest of this week goes better!!!


Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

Tuesday’s are surprisingly busy for me.  I don’t have any class on these days, but I have been running around crazy all morning catching up on cleaning and laundry and homework.  Sometimes I wish that I actually had class so that it wouldn’t be such a stressful day, but it is also my own fault for not getting these things done over the weekend.  I really hope these next two weeks go by fast because I have a bunch of tests and events and things going on.  Business comes in waves for me, and I really wish it were more steady because it gets to be a lot in a little amount of time.  I hope that everyone else is having a good week and does well on their first round of exams that are coming up!! Keep working hard people!!!