• Brandon Torres

    Brandon Torres

    Class of 2014
    Howard Lake, MN
    Psychology (OT intended)

    Brandon's Bio:
    My major is on the left, but it’s taken me six major changes, two minor changes and three graduate-track changes to get there. I’m from a small farming town west of the Twin Cities and came to Duluth for the city and stayed for the school. I work at the Burns Wellness Center at the front desk and have pretty much the best job in the world. I like to take any opportunity thrown at me, and since coming here I’ve been thrown plenty. Life’s an adventure, and so is CSS!

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Vivat St. Scholastica!

This is it. My last blog. Number 466. Wow. I will probably get long-winded here, so bear with me.

The reason I chose St. Scholastica and the reason I stuck with it have changed over the years, but one thing has always remained constant, and that has been my desire to take advantage of whatever opportunities I could find at CSS. As I grew, I discovered more and more, and could not be more blessed to have had them.

I chose CSS in the spring of my High School Senior year over the U of M. I enjoyed that it was far enough from home that I would not be tempted to come home extremely often, but close enough I could get home and back in a day. Another reason I liked CSS was because no one from my high school planned on going there and I would have a chance to truly pave my own way. But ultimately, I picked it because after asking where local PTs hire from, they all answered, our best ones come from St. Scholastica. From that point, the decision was obvious.

The castle was also pretty cool.

St. Scholastica not only gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams, but explore new ones as well. Many, many, many new ones. After changing majors about 6 times, minors about 4, graduate tracks 5 times, and studying abroad, I am impressed that I could still graduate in 4 years with a major and minor with relative ease. Something that is next to impossible at many of our private and public counterparts.

This pursuit lead to new confidences. My proudest experience was coming out as gay my Sophomore year. St. Scholastica made me feel same, welcomed, and at home through the whole process. In fact, many of the relationships I’d made with friends were only intensified and strengthened after the process.

Parallel to this coming out process ran my aspiration to study abroad. Though I dreamt of New Zealand (a program CSS has) I eventually decided that London fit my path better. The overwhelming knowledge and experience I received traveling Europe before and after my term at Regent’s University London gave me the tools and abilities to truly feel empathy, sympathy and relate to those who lead lives so different yet similar than my own. At Regent’s University London I was afforded the ability to live in Central London within the most beautiful royal park on campus and attend class with the sons and daughters of the world’s most elite. A rare luxury I have not heard of out of many traditional study abroad programs.

Upon returning, I was promoted to Manager at the Burns Wellness Center, was selected as one out of a crowd of nearly 80 to serve as a Resident Assistant with top scores, and was elected Student Body Vice-President/Student Senate Executive Vice-President by a major landslide, all within a month of returning from my 9-month hiatus. Ultimately, through these, I was able to develop cultural change at St. Scholastica in its halls, in its classrooms, and in the greater Duluth community. My eventual crowning as St. Scholastica’s 6th Homecoming King definitely felt like the entente of all these accomplishments.

It is because of these jobs and this blog that it has been possible to pay off the last 3 semesters with the work I’ve done in these past 2. Needless to say, I owe nearly all of my education and life to student employment.

In fact, among other things, this little blog (via student employment) has quite literally saved me more than once. From traveling Europe, to road-tripping and networking on the east coast with Ivy League students, I could not have been able to get by without the budget afforded to me through it. How many people can say they lived safely off of a blog while studying abroad?

Now, a whole new crop of bloggers has replaced those who I once accompanied, but nevertheless, I believe in each and every one of them and their incredible stories they have to offer. Some have been residents of mine, some colleagues, some mentors, some personal career councilors and professors, others roommates and nearly all of them friends. But as they continue on the journey and path I will forever cherish, we all share one thing.

Cor et Anima.

To follow my post-graduate blog, visit brandontorres13.tumblr.com

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