• Amanda Vanderbeek

    Amanda Vanderbeek

    Class of 2012
    Ely, MN
    Elementary education

    Amanda's Bio:
    I grew up in the Twin Cities, but now live up in Ely, MN near the BWCA, where my family has been for the last 7 years. I have three brothers, who I adore, and I enjoy fishing, playing basketball, and rough housing with them whenever I can. My mom has been a daycare provider since I was born, which served as inspiration for me to pursue a degree in Elementary education. I also love to paint, draw, and DANCE! I have been dancing for twenty years and am a dance instructor in Superior, WI....I can't imagine a life without it!

  • Laila Zemar

    Casablanca, Morocco
    Biochemistry, Biology and Pre-med

    Bryan Chavez

    Richfield, MN
    Accounting and Finance

    Daniela Moreno Gomez

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Computer Information Systems and Finance

    Conrado Eiroa Solans

    Madrid, Spain
    Psychology Major, Biology minor

  • Takudzwa Munjanja

    Gweru, Zimbabwe
    Health Information Management, CIS minor

    Malvern Madondo

    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Mathematics & Computer Science

    Jin Baek

    Aurora, CO
    Biology and Chemistry (Pre-Med)

    Jason Chavez

    Minneapolis, MN
    Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Social Work

  • Halle Nystrom

    Graduate Student
    Fargo, ND
    M.S. Health Information Management

    Neena Koslowski

    Apple Valley, MN

    Yael Ikoba-Ndjip

    Brussels, Belgium
    Accounting Major; Finance minor

    Shauney Moen

    Graduate Student
    Oak Grove, MN
    Doctorate of Physical Therapy

  • Laura Salazar

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Marketing and Business Management

    Kathryn McCarrick

    Saint Paul, MN
    Elementary Education

    Brooke Elvehjem

    Mora, MN

    Shivani Singh

    Mumbai, India
    Management & Marketing

  • Katelyn Gehling

    East Bethel, MN
    Exercise Physiology for Pre-Physical Therapy

Wait…What did You Say?!

Well, let’s face it.  We live during a time when text messaging, Twitter, Facebook, and email abound, and the normal telephone or face to face communication that we used to rely on has become obsolete.  When we changed to this technology-based way of contact, we also changed and expanded the norms of language in our society.  Different sayings, abbreviations, and acronyms are used constantly to communicate feelings and thoughts, sometimes almost more than actual words!  Do you ever feel lost or confused about what this lingo and jargon actually means?  I know I do!   Somebody kept using the phrase Snapbacks and Tattoos at a bar yesterday, and although I love the song, I had no idea what the context was for using it in their conversation.  It ended up being a way for them to communicate the “only live once idea”….uniquely.   Here is a little cheat guide of some commonly used terms to help you out when your friends or coworkers have you thrown for a loop:

  • LOL (obviously, laugh out loud)
  • Yolo (You only live once)
  • Awk (awkward)
  • Skol (cheers; used by Vikings fans often!)
  • BRB (be right back)
  • Def (definitely)
  • Fyi (for your information)

The list is seriously endless.  There seems to be a new phrase or acronym added to our slang lingo every single day.  If you find yourself completely confused, there are a couple of great websites to keep you up to speed on what the heck everyone is trying to say without awkwardly having to ask them.  Check out http://www.netlingo.com/index.php for any word or translation needs that you may have!

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