• Amanda Vanderbeek

    Amanda Vanderbeek

    Class of 2012
    Ely, MN
    Elementary education

    Amanda's Bio:
    I grew up in the Twin Cities, but now live up in Ely, MN near the BWCA, where my family has been for the last 7 years. I have three brothers, who I adore, and I enjoy fishing, playing basketball, and rough housing with them whenever I can. My mom has been a daycare provider since I was born, which served as inspiration for me to pursue a degree in Elementary education. I also love to paint, draw, and DANCE! I have been dancing for twenty years and am a dance instructor in Superior, WI....I can't imagine a life without it!

  • Neena Koslowski

    Apple Valley, MN

    Daniela Moreno Gomez

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Computer Information Systems and Finance

    Laila Zemar

    Casablanca, Morocco
    Biochemistry, Biology and Pre-med

    Malvern Madondo

    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Mathematics & Computer Science

  • Takudzwa Munjanja

    Gweru, Zimbabwe
    Health Information Management, CIS minor

    Jin Baek

    Aurora, CO
    Biology and Chemistry (Pre-Med)

    Kathryn McCarrick

    Saint Paul, MN
    Elementary Education

    Halle Nystrom

    Graduate Student
    Fargo, ND
    M.S. Health Information Management

  • Shivani Singh

    Mumbai, India
    Management & Marketing

    Brooke Elvehjem

    Mora, MN

    Laura Salazar

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Marketing and Business Management

    Jason Chavez

    Minneapolis, MN
    Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Social Work

  • Conrado Eiroa Solans

    Madrid, Spain
    Psychology Major, Biology minor

    Katelyn Gehling

    East Bethel, MN
    Exercise Physiology for Pre-Physical Therapy

    Yael Ikoba-Ndjip

    Brussels, Belgium
    Accounting Major; Finance minor

    Shauney Moen

    Graduate Student
    Oak Grove, MN
    Doctorate of Physical Therapy

  • Bryan Chavez

    Richfield, MN
    Accounting and Finance

How to Make the Most Out of Break

As everyone begins to take off today to head home for Thanksgiving, I just want to wish everyone a safe trip.  I thought it might be appropriate to offer a few reminders/tips  for those traveling to see family and friends:

  • Give the family member or relatives you are planning to visit a call when you are on your way so that they know to expect you and can gauge your arrival time.  If something were to happen, they would know this way.
  • Check your tire pressure prior to leaving to ensure safe handling and traction.
  • Bring a hat, gloves, and/or mittens with you.
  • Keep your gas tank at a half tank or above to avoid gas line freeze-up.
  • When driving on ice or snow, make sure you do not have your cruise control engaged.
  • Take it slow.  Driving slowly may take you longer to get home, but it will keep you safe.
  • Allow for more breaking and following room between you and other vehicles.  It’s winter now, so that tailgating will not fly if you hit a patch of ice!

Safe travels to everyone.

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