• Emily Nelson

    Emily Nelson

    Class of 2017
    Rochester, MN

    Emily's Bio:
    I am a senior majoring in communication and minoring in photography. The College of St. Scholastica has been a great place for me to be throughout my college journey. I am fascinated by the world and am currently studying abroad at Regent's University London in England. I live for the little things and the adventures I stumble upon everyday. In my free time I enjoy practicing yoga, listening to and writing music, taking pictures, and exploring.

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Latest Posts:

More of Edinburgh

by / December 16th, 2016 / Comments Off on More of Edinburgh

This place is magical. I am finding inspiration in the old architecture, but I am also enjoying the presence this city has to offer. I cannot seem to let go of my student self, and my desire to learn. Simply, I don't want to let go. The College of St. Scholastica has instilled a love of learning in me that I hope will never fade. My love for learning, now, is stronger than ever, and I believe this is only the beginning. This afternoon, I will tour the Traverse Theatre, a writer's theatre for new works. I am overly excited, as my heart has fallen so deeply in love with the magic of theatre. I am always keen to get involved. Following my tour, tomorrow evening I will see one of the shows currently on, Last Christmas. I look forward to the rest of my time in Edinburgh. This is a story of my travels, but this is also a story of my life as an alumni of The College of St. Scholastica. Our university is also magical, just like this beautiful city and world of opportunity. Read the rest of this entry »

The Path Less Traveled

by / December 15th, 2016 / Comments Off on The Path Less Traveled

I am walking the path less traveled. It is my truth, and it is my plan. It is my future. Most college students will graduate with their Bachelors degree, apply for jobs, and begin their journey into what we all accept as reality. However, I have decided to craft my own version of the real world, and it looks considerably different from what is typical. I am graduating early, by one semester. I am done with finals, and I am in Europe. I have no job lined up, instead, I have three months of travel around Europe ahead of me. I have planned for life of world experience rather than immediate job security at this point in my life. I will not generate my living from one 9-5 career or corporate employer, instead, I choose to pursue all of my passions and generate my living through them all. I will be based in media, writing, publishing, or the music industry (I hope). In addition, I will teach yoga, I will manage my photography, and I will write all along. My college education from The College of St. Scholastica and Regent's University London has prepared me to be successful in whatever path I choose to walk, but I am, oh, so confident that these two universities have given me something else unique and special, something that has prepared me to be successful in this, in my own way of life. Read the rest of this entry »

The Birthplace of Harry Potter

by / December 15th, 2016 / Comments Off on The Birthplace of Harry Potter

This afternoon, I arrived in the birthplace of Harry Potter: Edinburgh, Scotland. I am even writing this blog post from the very place J.K. Rowling wrote her incredible string of novels, The Elephant House. This journey marks the beginning of a quarter year of travels around Europe by myself, and I am beginning it with great gusto and positivity. As a writer and student, I find it extraordinarily inspiring to be seated in the very space a great, such as Rowling herself, gave birth to the magical world of Harry Potter. She is human, like me. And, she was probably drinking her tea/coffee and working away, just as I am write now. This relation is one I failed to realize until recently. I had never been, until now, so close to the people who have created the imagery, media, and content I have drawn inspiration from throughout my entire life. I am in the space of Rowling in Edinburgh, I was on the red carpet with Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel in London, I stood above Charles Darwin at Westminster Abbey, where he is buried, in London, and I have learned and worked beside friends who have already accomplished great things in the media industry and beyond. The world holds its doors open to me, and I believe, now more than ever, than anything is possible if I am willing to set my mind to the challenge. Read the rest of this entry »


by / December 10th, 2016 / Comments Off on Patience

Life.. is.. a beautiful thing. We often trot through life wishing for the next day, hoping time will pass by more quickly, or begging the universe for change. Ages ago I decided I was done with that. I chose to stop waiting for tomorrow, and, instead, I set off on journey to live my life to the very fullest at every single moment of my existence. However, I have had a bit of a breakdown as of late or, to be more specific, as of Thursday. I woke up anxious. I had to perform. Thoughts of it blatantly crossed my mind over and over. The closer I got to my final performance, the more nervous I became. But, we did it. I did it. We succeeded. I succeeded. We thrived. I thrived. And, I believe we all passed with flying colors. Then, we were done, and I realized that the work I left in that classroom studio was priceless. I dumped every bit of effort I had into that one performance, every last bit of undergraduate energy I had left in me. My last round of finals were over with. Sure, I had a field trip Friday morning, my last class period, but I had already submitted my final assessment. I had finished my work as an undergraduate college student. I realized I was done. Read the rest of this entry »


by / December 10th, 2016 / Comments Off on Hedda

It seems as though my heart has fallen even further into love with theatre once again. Tonight, I was lucky enough to obtain a complimentary ticket to a sold out show, not to mention the final showing, of Hedda at the Platform Theatre in the University of the Arts London. It felt meant to be, my being there. The performance was brilliant, and the reimagined version of the Henrik Ibsen classic Hedda Gabler was fascinating. I've not read the original, but I have worked with Ibsen text previously. I truly fancy his writing. It is human life, conversation, experience. It is real. And, the script performed at UAL, a 21-st century version, held true to the ever so known and historical realism of Ibsen's time. Another point of my evening was to finally see UAL's Central Saint Martin's campus with my own eyes. I was worried this might happen, but I fell in love. I could picture myself studying, working, playing in the theatre, wandering the space there. Pursuing a MA in Acting is a dream I have, and the Drama Centre London at UAL has been on my radar since before I moved to London. After being there, tonight, seeing the show, walking on the campus, and experiencing the brilliant vibes, I felt at home. The future cannot be known to any, but I do know that I can choose to follow my dreams. Read the rest of this entry »