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Head of the Lakes Job Fair

by / March 9th, 2020 / Comments Off on Head of the Lakes Job Fair

Hi everyone!

I would like to tell you about my experience going to the Head Lakes Job Fair with the College of Saint-Scholastica.  Job fairs are important even for freshmen because that is the place to start networking and get contacts. It can help you find an internship in your field of study which the experience out of it, will help you decide if  you like it and if you are in the right major for you. For this job fair, the school provided transportation, as they do most of the time. The fair took place at UWS, another college. All the major employers in Duluth and the Twin Ports area were present. A wide variety of discipline were represented such as finance, healthcare, law enforcement and sciences. The College always advertises when job fairs are happening and provides transportation for it. Some job fairs even occurs at the College so you don't even need to leave campus. All the job fairs also have a photograph that takes free professional head shots. Those are useful for LinkedIn and Handshake profiles! Those are great opportunities for incoming students!

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Roller Skating!

by / March 6th, 2020 / Comments Off on Roller Skating!

I am a residential advisor at the college of Saint-Scholastica. The honors program and residential life partnered to make an event for our floor. The other residential advisor and I told residents that we were going to take them to World of Wheels. It's a roller skating club. It was really fun. It does not matter what your level of roller skating. Some were beginners and some were advanced. Me, I was a beginner and in 1 hour, I knew how to skate decently. The roller skating place had good music playing and at one point, the owners brought a limbo stick and made people do the limbo in skates! There were a lot of students from the CSS community as well. Also there are drinks and food available. I liked that event because I found a new place where the CSS community could hang out and that is fun to spend time at. If you are an incoming freshmen, ask your Ras to make fun events like these and they will do it!

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Cadaver Lab Experience

by / February 16th, 2020 / Comments Off on Cadaver Lab Experience

Medical career students at the College of St. Scholastica have an opportunity that many undergraduate schools do not offer: a cadaver lab. The cadaver lab is run by the anatomy lab professor Luis here at CSS, and he along with several TAs teach students each week on the donor bodies. I am an anatomy TA myself after taking this class last year, and I love it. From my experience, there is nothing that can replace learning the human body system from an actual donor body. Many students are nervous the first few labs with the bodies, but by the end of the year I think they are honored to have the opportunity to learn hands-on and not just from diagrams and models. If anyone is interested in the human body or medical field, the anatomy course at Scholastica can provide an exceptional base for learning the human body. 

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by / February 12th, 2020 / Comments Off on Inauguration

This Monday, our school inaugurated our new president. Her name is Barbara McDonald. She is a very nice person and very dedicated towards students. I have talked to her several times and she really cares for students. She has an open door policy for everyone.  She took office in August but was only inaugurated monday. It was a beautiful ceremony that was livedstreamed. A lot of prevalent figures of the school spoke and told us about the many qualities of our new president. The President when she spoke, told us about the programs that were added to the school. She took several successful alumnis in example and showed us what Saints accomplished in the world. I encourage you to learn more about her. She is a great example of leadership for our school.

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Lutsen Ski Trip

by / February 9th, 2020 / Comments Off on Lutsen Ski Trip

This past Saturday, Outdoor Pursuit held an event for students to go skiing and snowboarding at Lutsen Mountains. When I saw that they would be making the trip up there, with steeply discounted tickets available, I jumped on the opportunity with my friend and we went. We met at 6:45 in the morning to begin the trip to Lutsen. In total, there was 11 students who went on the trip and I think it is safe to say we all had a blast! The guides were awesome and helpful. Between the weather, snowboarding, and new friends, I recommend Outdoor Pursuit events to all students if they wish to try new things and meet new people.   

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