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International Education Week

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Last week, CSS celebrated International Education Week - a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the US. Read the rest of this entry »

Culture Night

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Last Friday, the International Club in conjuction with the Asian Student Union held its annual Culture Night in Mitchell Auditorium. I remember in my freshman year when I took part in the Fashion Show of the event. Last year, I did not participate, but like this year, I got to witness the various backgrounds and identities celebrated at CSS through poem, spoken word, music, dance, and many other art forms. As always, after the event, we got a treat from India Palace, which serves really good food that I like.

Presentation Tonight

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Two of my classes are offering extra-credit opportunities for two of the same presentations.  There was a presentation 2 Friday's ago that discussed Social Sciences and the Health profession.  The speaker was very good I thought.  Then, tonight there will be a speaker discussing some Physics things and also offering a broad insight of science in the real world for undergraduate students.  Usually, all presentations given at St. Scholastica are geared towards undergrad students, and they can be more specific towards a certain topic.  Although the one tonight is about physics, the speaker is fully aware that not everyone there is interested and studying physics, so it will be broad.  Like I said, tonight is another night where I get to get extra-credit in two of my classes just for attending.  And people say there is no such thing as extra-credit in college.......

NCAA Soccer Tournament

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Unfortunately, Saint Scholastica soccer team was not able tomake it to the NCAA national tournament this year. After a great season, the Men's team lost on penalty kicks to the Yellowjackets. However, the team will be cheering on for St Thomas University. During the season, CSS played against St Thomas and it was a great game. The game ended up with a 1-0 win for St. Thomas. If St. Thomas continues to play in nationals, it is a big motivation booster for the men's team. Its always great to have a strong competition in our regional!!

Club Budget

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As a treasurer for the Latinx Student Union, I am in charge of requesting a budget for the following semester. I explain what events our club will be hosting and I estimate how much income we will need to pay off those expense for successful events. As long as I request by the financial handbook, most likely the club will receive the money if it is reasonable. Our club requested a budget for four events which I am looking forward to. An event I am most excited about is Food from all over Latin America. We will bee cooking and ordering food of our favorite dishes and also desserts to share to the student body. The food will be authentic and a great opportunity to try different foods.