• Victoria Tabolich

    Victoria Tabolich

    Cambridge, MN
    Exercise Physiology

    Victoria's Bio:
    Hello! My name is Victoria and I am from Cambridge, Minnesota. I am majoring in Exercise Physiology and hope to go onto Physical Therapy. I chose Saint Scholastica because we are a beautiful community here and all of the staff are wonderful and helpful! I love helping people, working out, and hanging out with friends! Please feel free to comment on my posts with questions or suggestions!

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    Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Social Work

Alumni Panel

On Thursday the 9th a panel of 3 alumni came to the College of Saint Scholastica to talk to the students about how the Benedictine values has affected their lives even after college. One of the three participants was the current Mayor of Duluth, Ms. Emily Larson. The participants were asked questions by my very own Dignitas Professor, Gary Boelhower, and then at the end of the discussion there was an opportunity for students to ask the participants questions. The question that I remember the most was asked by a student, it was: what is one piece of advice you would give to current students? There was a wide range of responses and at their core the answers were; get involved, remember that making mistakes is okay and that it won’t destroy your life plan, and finally get out of your comfort zone. I found that these responses really spoke to me. They spoke to me because throughout the year I have been trying or am going to try to do these things. I am currently involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus (getting involved) and I am in the process of learning how to become a leader of an IV small group (out of my comfort zone), and I am working on remembering that mistakes are okay. I know that they are but I am so passionate about my goals that I hold myself to high expectations. It is good to have expectations for yourself, but I am working on not taking things too seriously. I found this panel and their advice to be extremely helpful and something that I can truly connect with, and I hope others can too.

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