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Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

Fall, my favorite time of the year is fast approaching here in Duluth, MN. Fall brings such perfect weather, fun activities, and of course, the beautiful leaves. On nice days, like today, I enjoy setting up my hammock to do my readings in. It is a nice way to relax while also getting that homework done. On campus, there are many spots people choose to set up their hammocks between trees. On nice days, you will see them all over campus. Duluth itself has never ending possibilities of where you can put one up and enjoy the views. So if you do not have one, I suggest go get one and enjoy the day!

Reif Run 2018

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Yesterday at St. Scholastica was the 40th annual Reif Run 5k. This 5k raises awareness for the MakeitOk campaign which is a project dedicated to reducing stigma surrounding mental illness. All the runners and I met just outside of somer’s main lounge to collect our race bib and shirt. There was also a booth set up with brain stress balls, MakeitOk pins and stickers, and of course snacks and water for the runners. The race went well, and of course the men’s ski team sprinted the whole 3.1 miles… Afterwards it was nice to sit around and talk with my fellow runners and enjoy some snacks and cold water. I must say my favorite part of the event, however, was petting the dog that was there keeping the people at the booth company. I miss my dog so much, so whenever there is a dog on campus, you best bet I will find it and give it a big hug!

Winter No More

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Spring? Is that you? Today in Duluth, MN, we actually got a taste of spring! In fact, it got above 50 degrees, so that means it is basically summer here. It was a nice day to walk from class to class in a t-shirt and soak up some sun. This warm weather has me and everyone else feeling hopeful that winter is coming to an end. I certainly hope so! Here in the dorms, everyone walks around looking like ghosts because it has been winter for so long, but not any more. The sun is out and summer is coming! Baseball and softball actually got to play games today after having many of their games postponed, so I am sure they are feeling good. A friend of mine informed me that as of today, 19 days until I get to go home for the summer and enjoy the stress free life. The countdown is on.

Hartley Park

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

I will continue to say that adventure in Duluth can be found right in the backyard. Hartley Nature Center and Park is located in the heart of Duluth. It is a 640-acre park with over 10 miles of trails scattered throughout. The Superior Hiking Trail cuts right through the park, as well. Outdoor enthusiasts will take to the park to hike, trail run, cross-country ski, bike, and snowshoe. Just another landmark and another reason Duluth was voted Outside’s “Best Town Ever” in 2014! So get out and enjoy the warm-up as we go from winter to spring!


Winter Fun 101

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Last week I was scrolling through Facebook at just the right time to see a picture posted by Winter Fun 101. The photo was captioned, “Hey! The first person to correctly guess where we are will get two all day lift tickets at Spirit Mountain. Go:”. I quickly typed in the location and WON! I just received my lift tickets in the mail and am looking at dates on the calendar for a good day to go shred the slopes. Winter Fun 101 has some fantastic information on awesome things to do during the winter in the upper midwest. Their website has an event calendar and locations you can go to participate in activities like for alpine skiing, fat tire biking, ice sailing, ice climbing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, snowboarding, and cross country skiing. There is always something to do up in Duluth and the surrounding area during the winter months. So get out there and enjoy the opportunities in the backyard of the College of St. Scholastica!