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Last Night of Swing Dancing

Thursday, April 20th, 2017


Animal Allies Internship

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

As I was searching for summer jobs, a Spring internship sort of fell into my lap. I just completed my third week as a Marketing and Special Events Intern at Animal Allies Humane Society. Right now I am working on creating and promoting material for the Walk for Animals 25th Anniversary. This fundraiser is a big part of keeping the pets at Animal Allies healthy and happy until they find their new forever homes. The projects I am working on are pivotal to the success of the event. For example, I advertise the event on different websites, social media, and to local organizations. With the guidance of my internship advisors, I created Fundraiser Kits for the participants and some fun email content to keep them motivated to meet their fundraising goals. I love the work I do and I love how many puppies and kitties are around! It’s hard not to take one home. If you’re interested in the Walk for Animals on June 3rd, sign up at!

Improv Night!

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

The English & Arts Club hosted an improv workshop with the help of Merry Vaughan and Sharon Dixon Obst. We started with some basics: never ask questions, don’t think too much, and never deny someone. The first warmup we did was to make sure we didn’t deny anyone. Someone would make a statement and the next person would say, “Yes and…”, to build off of their statement. This prevents us from saying, “No”, “but”, “although”, and other words that make it sound like we are saying the other person is wrong. This is important because the scene is NEVER going to go exactly the way you’d expect so you have to embrace other people’s ideas of where it’s going. Next, we tossed an invisible ball back and forth saying a word each time we caught it. This was to keep us from thinking too much. The goal is to pass the ball quickly so that you say the first word that comes to your mind instead of trying to think ahead. After this, we tried some games! We did a scene building game and played “Who’s coming to dinner?” Everyone was laughing and having a good time, even if we occasionally messed up by asking a question or disagreeing. To finish off the night, Merry and Sharon performed a game of “Triathalon” where Merry has to get Sharon to guess three very unusual scenarios without using any real words. One example was scuba diving in Maple Syrup with Justin Trudeau. It was a blast! They also mentioned a new improv club has started on campus and I might just have to check it out! 

Bring the Sing!

Saturday, March 25th, 2017

This morning was Bring the Sing with Minnesota Public Radio! This event marks the second Bring the Sing event at the College of St. Scholastica. The Mitchell Auditorium was filled with singers of all ages and abilities. We worked with Dr. Bret Amundson and Dr. Sarah Cohen on several musical numbers focused on the theme of Peace. This is my second time participating in Bring the Sing and I am always impressed with the musical selections. They are beautiful, simple to learn, and always tons of fun. Myself and the rest of the css choir members have spent about a week preparing for the event so that we were ready to answer questions and be strong singers in our sections. After a morning rehearsal, we performed a few of our collegiate pieces for the other Bring the Sing participants then had a short break before recording! All of the pieces we learned together were recorded and will be featured on Classical Minnesota Public Radio soon, so make sure to listen for us! 

Duluth Date Night

Friday, March 24th, 2017