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LinkedIn: Why is it important?

Saturday, November 17th, 2018

Why should you consider having a LinkedIn profile?

I am sure all of us get asked, suggested, forced, in some way or the other to create a LinkedIn account. And that’s not it, the expectation is, that we maintain a healthy profile, keep updating it, add content, etc. Sounds like a whole bunch of work!


Summer Jobs already?!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

Today in the Student Union there were 5 or 6 tables set up for students to explore jobs for the upcoming summer of 2019. I, myself questioned that it was not yet 2019 but went to look at the tables regardless. As an elementary education major, I try to get as much exposure to kids that I can put on my resumé in the future.


Necessities Nook

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Wondering through the hallways of Tower Hall, I came across a little set up today. On the third floor of the Tower Hall, toward the right-end-side when ascending up is a showcase-cavity. I assume, some students or faculty or staff got together and came up this idea. In this space, placed are some basic and essential school supplies like loose sheets of paper, pencils, erasers, paper clips and more. A cardboard hoarding grabs the passer-by’s attention.


Drive up the North Shore

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

palisade head
This weekend, during our mid-semester break, I travelled up the north shore for the first time and made a stop at Palisade Head near Beaver Bay, Minnesota. The drive was just over an hour from Duluth. Along the way were a lot of small towns that had a very “up north” feeling to them. Almost all of them had their own little gift shops, bakeries, and candy shops, along with restaurants and cabins available to rent out. The drive alongside Lake Superior was very beautiful and scenic. You really get a good glimpse of just how big Lake Superior is when you are driving beside it for hours. We drove past Split Rock Lighthouse, which I have always seen pictures of but have never seen in person, and then shortly after that, we stopped at Palisade Head and went for a little hike to the edge of the cliffs where we could get a good view of the water. It was a very enjoyable trip and since Duluth is just a short drive away, it makes this drive a great option for spending a Saturday or Sunday when you are in need of a break from school or work. I will definitely be making this trip again soon and I highly recommend others to look into it, as well.

Mid-semester Break

Monday, October 29th, 2018

This particular mid-semester break was also Halloweekend. The chance to show off costumes and enjoy scary movies with friends before the actual holiday on Wednesday. Instead of this, I chose to use the day off to take a walk. On campus, just behind the football and soccer field is a wide range of trails that I am sure spread for miles. This mid-morning was cloudy but a comfortable 40 degrees. So with a fall jacket, a hat and my dog, we set off down the winding trails around the woods in the back of campus. On these trails are upright markers that point out places where students once studied, held mass or prayed. The true history of the campus is shown in pictures of cabins and grottos with students ranging from the 1910’s to the 1970’s. Those are the one’s I saw anyways. My favorite part about these trails are the fact that the woods are quiet and oftentimes you feel like the only person in the world. With such beauty being in CSS’s backyard, it is a nice break from a dorm room of constant studying to go out and explore.