• Semaj Moore

    Semaj Moore

    Class of 2017
    Minneapolis, MN
    English, Medieval & Renaissance

    Semaj's Bio:
    I have a massive love of writing. I also have a massive love of experience, and amazing times with other people. Being heavily active on campus, I am able to be involved with different groups and their experience. I am excited to document my best times, and invite you to that experience.

  • Daniela Moreno Gomez

    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Computer Information Systems and Finance

    Shauney Moen

    Graduate Student
    Oak Grove, MN
    Doctorate of Physical Therapy

    Halle Nystrom

    Graduate Student
    Fargo, ND
    M.S. Health Information Management

    Malvern Madondo

    Harare, Zimbabwe
    Mathematics & Computer Science

  • Katelyn Gehling

    East Bethel, MN
    Exercise Physiology for Pre-Physical Therapy

    Jesse Heaton

    Graduate Student
    Heyworth, IL
    Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Bryan Chavez

    Richfield, MN
    Accounting and Finance

    Neena Koslowski

    Apple Valley, MN

  • Brooke Elvehjem

    Mora, MN

    Takudzwa Munjanja

    Gweru, Zimbabwe
    Health Information Management

    Shivani Singh

    Mumbai, India
    Management & Marketing

    Jin Baek

    Aurora, CO
    Biology and Chemistry (Pre-Med)

  • Jason Chavez

    Minneapolis, MN
    Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Social Work

    Kathryn McCarrick

    Saint Paul, MN
    Elementary Education

The Real World

Graduation is coming up. And everybody is talking about the “real world”. Academic institutions across the country paint post-college life as this foreign place of uncertainty. People walk up to you and ask you if you are ready for the “real world”.

To be honest, this is extremely annoying. Allow me to explain…

Reason number one, people shouldn’t be asking me if I’m ready for the real world because, it should be assumed that I am getting real world experiences in college. Now I’ve written about this before, how I believe that institutions do not truly prepare an individual for post-college life. Now, College comes with a bunch of benefits and gives you real world experiences in terms of Academia. But at least for me, places like high school and college don’t teach you how to write a check, pay a bill, how to take out a loan, how to pay for mortgage, how to pay for rent, how to find a job, or even pay taxes.

The second reason why this is annoying is because I had to teach myself these things and learn on my own. If people don’t have enough confidence in institutions, then people should have enough confidence in individuals. I am a first-generation student, a McNair scholar, the founder of Minniaux, an author, a writer, a poet, many other things. Those who I call my friends are equally as impressive. Dare I say, we are already living in the “real world”.

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