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Importance of Internships

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Throughout the three years of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program there are four clinical internships. The first rotation follows the completion of spring semester of the first year. It is an 8 week long internship during summer term I. The final three internships are considered “terminal internships”. The duration of these internships span from 8-10 weeks, or occasionally 12. These follow the completion of didactic work for the program and provide the opportunity for us to apply all the knowledge and skills we learned over the past two years in the classroom. Often times students will begin to think about what setting they enjoy working in and where they would like to start their careers. Performance during these last three internships is crucial because these sites will often times consider student interns for upcoming job openings.


My First Day of Classes

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Today was my first day of classes for the school year.  Technically yesterday was the first official day of classes, but I didn’t have any class.  So today was the first day of class where I actually went to school.  I saw some of my friends and classmates and it was nice to quickly chat with them in between classes.  I also got to talk to some of my professors and my volleyball coach as well.  Overall, it was an alright first day of second semester, but I’m not super excited about all the homework and things that I have to do this semester.  It’s going to fly by, so here goes nothing!!!

“Back Up”

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Well, I made it back up to Duluth yesterday afternoon, safe and sound. It just so happened that one of my roommates pulled into our house at the same time that I did. I spent a good 2 hours unpacking and moving some of my things around. I had to make room for the things that I got for Christmas and just because my room was left a little messy. It was nice to get up here before the snow really got bad because I’ve been out today and driving is a little scary in my little car!!! School is starting up tomorrow and I don’t really know what to think of that. It’s finally my last semester of undergraduate studies and that’s definitely weird to say. It’s probably going to fly by as well! Hope everyone has safe travels today!!

Letters of Gratitude

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Over break, I decided to start improving on my happiness and gratitude towards life.  I have always been super interested in the science of happiness, and I know that there is a psychology course offered every other year to students.  In this course, at the end of the spring term and into summer, the students get to go to Denmark, which is the happiest country in the world.  I like to watch TED talks and read different things about learning to be content and happy with the life you live.  So, one of the first things I did to show more gratitude in my life was to write letters of gratitude to friends, professors, and people from high school who have all influenced my life in a good way.  I know a letter might not mean a whole lot to them, but it definitely makes me feel better to express my gratitude to them over the course of my life so far.  I think it’s a really good thing to do, and everyone should do it because I feel really good after sending them. I don’t expect anything in return, except for them to keep up the good work because they truly are good people.

UMD Starting

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Today was the first day back at school for students at UMD. Duluth is set up really nice because all of the colleges are on the hill and quite close to one another. It makes the whole area up there a little more college-student populated. There are tons of college houses around Scholastica and Duluth because they are super close to one another. I have some friends that go to UMD that went back to school on Sunday or over the weekend so they could get settled for school again. Scholastica starts up on Tuesday and I don’t think I’m ready to start already. I’ve been having so much fun with having nothing to do, and starting up homework again doesn’t sound super fun. The one thing I really am excited about is seeing my friends again. It’s been way too long since I’ve seen them or really talked to them. I hope everyone else is gearing up to head back to school soon!!!