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First U4A Meeting!

Monday, September 25th, 2017

This evening we had our first ever United for Africa(U4A) club meeting in the CJL! We had over 15 students present and it was great to see such a huge turnout. We will be meeting every other Monday and are looking to incorporate more community engagement activities this year!

New Senators

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Last night, we had our second student senate meeting at the BWC auditorium. It was also the first meeting for the new freshman senators. It brought back memories when I had my first meeting with the Senate. I remember it was a bit confusing because of the terminology but we made all the freshman comfortable. We allowed them to introduce themselves and told them everyone’s first experience. In addition, this Friday we will have a retreat with the entire senate. It will be a great opportunity for everyone to bond and learned the terminology and the flow of Senate meetings. Overall, it was a great meeting. Glad to see new faces with leaders who are willing to make a difference at St. Scholastica.

Testing Week

Monday, September 25th, 2017

Apparently, especially for science majors, this is the week of exams. I really can only speak for science people because they are who I see and talk to the most on campus. I had an exam last week and two this week, so I have been pretty busy studying the past couple of days. It seems like all exams are spread out over the same periods of time, just about 2-3 weeks apart from one another. I kind of like it that way because it really gives me time to relax after all the stress of exams and they don’t feel so constant. My goal is to just make it out of the beginning of this week alive and then it’ll be smooth sailing into the rest of the week and hopefully a little bit of next week too. Good luck to everyone in their exams, I hope they go well!!!!

Free Caribou Coffee

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Today in Tower there are students giving away free Caribou Coffee!! I saw a snapchat from a friend that there is a stand somewhere outside of the Mitchell auditorium with Caribou Coffee, and I’m sad that I missed it.  Honestly, there are so many things that are happening around the school on a daily basis.  I get so many emails all the time about free events that different clubs are hosting.  There have also been a ton of emails notifying students that the first meetings for all the clubs have been occurring within the past couple of weeks.  If you didn’t go to the Club Fair, you can still attend any club meeting and be a member of that club.  It really is up to you how involved you want to be in school or not, which is really nice.

Coffeehouse Days

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

One really cool thing that our school does throughout the year is called “Coffeehouse Night”, where the Campus Activities Board (CAB) hires a singer to come to our school to sing and perform for students.  Usually the performer’s aren’t people who are super well known by everyone, but they are sometimes small town singers and people that you have heard of or can at least look up on YouTube.  Last night was the first Coffeehouse of the school year, and I think there were quite a few people that decided to go and listen to him (I don’t remember his name but he sounded really good).  While listening, there are always some really good treats that are given away for free, so that was usually the reason that I would go to it.  I used to also bring homework and work on some things while listening because most of the time the singers are alternative or what I would call “soft” music singers.  I highly advise attending at least one of these because it’s very worth it!!!