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In my Legal Aspects of management class, we were assigned a Business Owner Interview project. All of us were allowed to interview business owners' of our choice. Read the rest of this entry »

Duluth Grill: an interview with Tom Hanson

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"Legal Aspects of Management" is one of the classes I am taking this semester with Prof. Patrick Spott.

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Human Checkers in Ethics Class

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On Thursday, in my Management Ethics class with Melissa Goodson and Kathy Modin, I along with the class participated in a Human Checkers Activity. It was exactly what it sounds like. Melissa, and Kathy laid down blue and white sheets of paper to make the board and had two different colored (pink and black) sheets for 12 players on each team to identify. Read the rest of this entry »

Math or Magic?

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Earlier today, I attended a talk organized by the CSS Math Club. The talk featured Dr Guanshen Ren, Math professor at St. Scholastica and focused on how Mathematics can seem magical when applied in interesting ways to ordinary things. One of the activities that Dr Ren presented on was Chocolate Math wherein a participant could pick a random number between 2 and 9 inclusive, then carry out a number of operations until they would get a 3 digit number that would have the last two digits being the participant's age and the first being the random number that they picked! Following the talk was a subway meal and chat with Dr Ren. Read the rest of this entry »

Intramural Playoffs

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Next week is already Intramural Championship week! All the sports, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and tennis will have a champion by the end of next week. Playoffs get super competitive for the sports, so it's important for me and my fellow officials to keep the games fun and safe. In addition to it being playoff week, everyone is also encouraged to wear an ugly sweater! There will be a contest and the best dressed will get a gift card to SuperOne Foods. Come watch intramurals next week and cheer on your fellow Saints!