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Game Show Night

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My parties are not your average college parties. Instead of beer and Netflix, when my friends and I get together we have theme parties! Last nights theme was Game Show Night. Everyone dressed up as a famous family and feuded on different game shows such as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Our famous families were the Addams Family, the Incredibles, the Baudelaires, and the McDucks. Teams solved puzzles, guessed game Show catch phrases, and fought to see what the survey said. It was a really fun night with awards for best individual and group costumes as well as themed food items (Alex's Wheel of Fortune Brie was a big hit). With the chilly winter weather, it was a great time to get everyone together for some indoor fun. 

First days back!

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I hope every one has had a wonderful start to spring semester! I have 2 online courses this spring semester and I already have a list of "to-do's" for the next week. My favorite thing to do to stay organized is to fill in a planner and to make lists. Making lists isn't for everyone but for me this technique really helps out! My course in Development of Clinical Information Systems is going to be about the implementions of electronic health records. I am very excited to learn about EHRs and how hospitals use them. I hope to gain knowledge on their complexity and their impact on quality health care! HIM has proven to be a continually interesting degree of study for me. 

Wild Game today

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Student Activities sent out an email at the beginning of the week to all student regarding a Wild Game this weekend (today).  It costs $50 to go and the ride and tickets are included in the costs! My roommate and I decided that we were going to go to it, and I'm super excited. The bus is leaving at 3pm, which will give us plenty of time to eat and hang out before the game starts.  The Wild play the Ducks today, and I heard that the face value for tickets were much more expensive than for what we bought them, so that makes me more excited! There will be another Wild Game sometime next month, so watch out for your emails!

Stress Relief!

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The first semester of college is a big one. There are a lot of new experiences and things going on which can bring on a lot of stress. Thankfully I learned some wonderful tips and tricks for stress relief last semester that I have carried over to this semester! First: coloring/drawing. I am not a very artistic person, but I LOVE to color. Coloring has been proven to help with stress relief and calming anxiety! The best part about this trick is that it's easily found (in stores and then easy to put away), pretty cheap, and it stimulates your imagination! Second: jigsaw puzzles. I was never a puzzle doing person before last semester, and I found that I loved doing puzzles as something to relax (or just for fun). I downloaded  jigsaw puzzles on my phone and asked for them for Christmas! I now have a total of 12 puzzles and 6 of them are at school with me; my roommates and I can't wait to start! Third: essential oils or aroma therapy. There are a lot of essential oils that can be put on the hands or feet that are used for stress relief, better sleep, concentration, relaxation, and much more. Aroma therapy also comes in many forms such as: lotions, soaps, shower gels, and air fresheners. Bath and Body Works has the BEST aroma therapy collection; a few deep breathes and I am relaxed and sleeping! The fourth and final tip: anything you are passionate about. Doing something that we love is a natural stress relief. Whether that be reading, writing, watching netflix, hanging out with friends, watching a movie, going for walks and so much more; whatever inspires you and that you are passionate about will naturally relax you and make you happy. Read the rest of this entry »

My First Second Semeser

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This is my second semester of college total; my first spring semester, and I am very excited! This semester I am taking Dignitas, French 2, Development Through the Lifespan Psychology, Chemistry 2, and Biology of the Cell. I lucked out this semester when it comes to my schedule. One 8am class but then the rest start at 10am or later!! I've never had a better night's sleep then I do now, knowing that the classes that I was advised to take and chose, allow for MORE SLEEP! Sleep is so important (and let's be honest, it's great!) especially when you're involved with other things going on! For example, I participate in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus, along with the Yoga Sculpt fitness class! Working out my brain, my spirit, and my body requires a lot of energy, but I know that I will get it! I'm so thankful to my advisor for helping me make the decisions I needed to when it came to classes. Read the rest of this entry »