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Soccer Games

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Last week, I had the opportunity to watch the second half of the CSS Men Soccer team against UWS. The game's final score was 1-1, and as both goals were scored during the second half I got to see both team's celebration. Several CSS students and parents headed to the soccer court to watch the game. This upcoming weekend both the Women's and Men's team will be playing against Martin Luther at CSS' soccer court. The Women's team game will start at 2 pm and the Men's will start at 4:30 pm.

56 Nights Friday event

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It seems like it will be another rainy day in Duluth, and for that reason, students should consider some on-campus activities for tonight. Today at 7 pm CAB will be hosting its first movie showing of the year. " The First Purge" will be played at the Science building auditorium.  This is definitely a good option for those students still trying to make up their mind with their weekend plans.

First Club Meeting

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Even though yesterday the weather wasn't favorable, many students still showed up to some of the clubs' first meeting. Some had met earlier in the week, but others such as Oxfam, QSA and the Global Cultural Association met yesterday. I attended the Global Cultural Association club's meeting and was very interested in getting to know more about this club. This club used to be known as the International Club, in an attempt to reduce the misconception that the club was aimed solely for international students the club's president Laura Salazar considered the name change would be beneficial. As the club itself was founded under the purpose of connecting different cultures with the American culture. I look forward to being part of the club's activities throughout the year.

Posters Sale

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There is a poster sale at the student union this week. Lots of posters of all kinds are being sold at a various price. There are posters of artist, art, sports, celebrities, and many categories. I bought a cool unique poster that goes well with my door in my room. It is great how we have a poster sale at CSS at the beginning of the year. Many students are still decorating their rooms and posters are a great way to decorate rooms. Of my four years at CSS, there has always been a poster sale. I recommend getting at least a poster. It will last for a while and will make the room look better.

Art Class

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It is my senior year and I am finally taking my art general education. So far, I am enjoying the class a lot! I am learning a lot about the theories of color. In addition, I have completed two art projects as well. I love taking art during my senior year because it is a stress relief. I am not a great artist but I still enjoy doing art. I find it peaceful when I zone out and just do art. Time flies by so quick! It was a great idea to wait my senior year to do my art class. If I would of taken it my freshman year then that means I would have to fill in this class with one other class related to my major. I can't wait to keep learning about the theories of color. I am looking forward to more art projects!