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Leader Trip Up the North Shore

by / August 28th, 2015 / No Comments »

Following an Outdoor Pursuit leader climbing trip up the North Shore on Saturday, we returned to Duluth for the night. Sunday morning, we left for the North Shore again to begin a two-night leader training trip. Read the rest of this entry »

Late fee

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When you move off campus remember to keep up with rent. I'm living in Boulder this year. Rent was due on the 15th this month. It completely snuck up on me, since I had not moved in yet. Yep, I ended up getting a late fee. Money saved will be going to rent (and food of course). I'm glad I have a job on campus to help me feel secure during the school year.

Here I come Duluth

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It's a bitter sweet feeling to be moving back to Duluth. I'm ready for this new semester, but I'll miss home. I waited until the last minute to pack, which turned out to be not as bad. I ended up packing only things I need, not all the extra "maybe I'll need this".  This is my first year living off campus and I'm thrilled!!!! Freshmen: Make sure you use a packing list. I did that my first 2 years, after that I knew what I needed and didn't.

Students are back

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School is just around the corner for CSS. UMD starts on Monday and students are already flooding the city. Personally, I like having the students back. It brings life to Duluth and makes me excited to start the school year. This year I will be a senior and I have to admit, the past three years have honestly flown by! 

I’m Broke

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So I totally procrastinated on taking out my extra loans and claiming my scholarship... So here I am owing about $600 for school, waiting for $3,000 to come in for that and to restock my bank account, and $100 total in both my savings and checking account. Never wait this long to figure out your finances! Otherwise you'll be broke like me... The week you have to drive to Duluth and you're also going to the state fair. When will I get to start work study again!? :(