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Fall Sports

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The fall sports that the College of St. Scholastica has is football, men's and women's cross country, men's and women's soccer, and volleyball.  I think that we are pretty fortunate to be a part of the athletic program at CSS. There are around 500 student athletes at the college, and that is around 25% of our students.  Athletics are obviously important to a good portion of the students at school, and I find that to be really cool actually.   The only thing that I wish was better about Scholastica is our school spirit and supporting other and all the teams that we have.  I am happy that there are a lot of students that come to games, but I wish that they would cheer or interact more with it all.  We will have to see what the new academic and athletic year brings, but I'm looking forward to our season as well as all other sports too!!

Freshman Volleyball Move-In

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Today was the day that we moved in the freshman volleyball players. We spent all morning helping them and their families unload their vehicles into their rooms and then they didn't have to worry about taking a lot of trips.  After that, every volleyball player plus their families met in the gym and had lunch together.  A break followed that and then we set up the gym, played, and had dinner together.  I know that may seem busy, but that is what all of preseason is like.  Dana, our coach, spends all of preseason planning out every last minute of our day.  It gets exhausting, but I'm excited for it to get underway and started because then time really flies!! Getting even more excited to just start already!

The New Scholastica Family

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Starting next week there will officially be 6 St. Scholastica Cruz's on-campus. Myself, Bryan, Allen, Josue, Lidia, and now Chantell. These are my family members at St. Scholastica. A group that has been growing since 2015. We have been treated really well by CSS and we want to continue to help grow this institution.

August Adventures

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August Adventures are right around the corner. These are exeperineces students get to be a part of before school even begins. It allows people to get to know other students before school even starts. Read the rest of this entry »

Campus Legislative Team

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Today we (Campus Legislative Team) had a discussion of our prorgress and what we want to to accomplish in terms of legislation on campus. We talked specifically about the planning for the State at the Capitol Day. This is when students advocate for government aid that allows students to pay for college.

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