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GCA Trivia

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Last Thursday, the Global Cultural Association held a trivia night event. Throughout this event, students especially freshmen were tested on their geographical knowledge. I took part in this trivia, and along with two other students we competed to win one of the prizes. We ended up being placed and second place and we each got a gift card to Qdoba. Attendees were also provided with an India Palace and Qdoba dinner.

Thanksgiving Break

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Even though I am an international student, I have always been exposed to the Thanksgiving day celebration. In my school back in El Salvador, we always had this day off and now that I am studying in the US I get to be part of this tradition as well. This is a great time to not only take a break from school but to also get to see some relatives and friends. I am going to try to relax as much as possible but at the same time I am yet to finish some homework that will be due once the break is over.

Professional Activity Requirement

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For one of the courses I am taking this semester, students are required to attend five professional activities. Through these activities, those pursuing a Computer Information Systems major are to be exposed to professional development opportunities. A week ago some of my classmates and I headed to the Glensheen mansion, for the Project Management Institute Minnesota Outreach event. Throughout this event, I was able to learn more about the marketing strategy that takes place when organizing the Glensheen Gala. Other than learning about the impact social media has on this sort of event, my favorite part was seeing the Christmas decoration throughout the mansion.

Christmas Parade

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Last Friday, one of my friends and I decided to head over to Downtown to see the Christmas Parade. Despite the fact that this is my third year in the Duluth area, this was my first time attending this event. The night itself was somewhat chilly, but the free hot chocolate definitely helped the attendees stay warm. From the different performances that made up the parade, my favorite ones were the ones by dancing schools. Multiple of them had their dancers perform to Christmas related songs while twirling batons that were on fire.

St. John’s Bible Page Turning

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This evening I facilitated yet another page turning of the St. John's Bible at the CSS Library. I record each turning and the Library posts the events on their page. Here's some videos from the past two weeks: Read the rest of this entry »