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Last Night of Study Abroad

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We spent the very last night in CasaBlanca, Morocco. We drove about 3 hours from Agadir to CasaBlanca and stayed at the same hotel of the first day we landed in Morocco. I think it was a great idea to head back to CasaBlanca for the last day as the group needed to do last minute shopping. Personally, I was in need of buying a carry on to take back my souvenirs. Others were doing last minute souvenir shopping while others spent it in the market browsing around. For dinner, we went to a restaurant where chefs cook in front of your face. We choose the meat we want to eat and they cook it. the group of students ate a total of about 16 pounds of meat that day. It was so good!


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This past weekend, the study abroad group for the marketing class in Morocco spent it in the beach city of Agadir. The group drove from Marakech to Agadir for about 4 hours. We stayed at a nice hotel where we could see the city and the beach. The beach from the hotel was only a boardwalk away! In addition, our hotel had its own private section at the beach where servers attended us. We were offered camel rides and to jet ski. I took the offer of jet ski. It was so cool. I have never done such a thing. In fact, I don't eve know how to swim. I paid $13 for 35 minutes. It was so worth it. Agadir is such a beautiful place. I am glad the study abroad program allowed us to experience this city.

First Day of Spring Semester

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Today marks the beginning of the new Spring 2019 semester at St. Scholastica. Last semester had its ups and downs for me, but I am ready to take on my new 16 credit course load. This semester, I continue with two classes I had last semester, Physics and Anatomy & Physiology. The two new classes I have are Abnormal Psychology and Philosophy of Feminism. I am excited for my Abnormal Psychology class especially because I think learning about different diseases and disorders in any area of the body is fascinating. The Philosophy of Feminism class I am taking is an upper-level division class to fulfill half of my credits needed at the higher level for general courses. I think it will be challenging, but I am excited to see what all I learn.

The Upside

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The first comedy of the year is out!

THE UPSIDE starring Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman along with others came out today. I went to the Duluth's Marcus Theatre and watched it right away. Well, since the movie was adapted from The Intouchables, and also the fact 'break is coming to an end soon' pushed me. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft Office Download

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Most if not every student will be in the need to use Microsoft related software in their time at CSS. This can be either Word, Excel, Power point, among others. Saint Scholastica offers its student with a free Microsoft Office download by simply accessing Students will then log in using their CSS login credentials and will be able to download the software. These software will be available as long as the student is active at CSS.