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Fun Night

by / September 23rd, 2017 / No Comments »
Last night was a fun night of bonding between me and my roommates. Instead of all going our separate ways on the weekend like we usually do instead we decided to stay in and play some games with our friends. We played some Cards Against Humanity and Go Fish and just hung out. We also had a bit of a music off with the guys who lived above us because they were playing their music so loud.

Free Caribou Coffee

by / September 22nd, 2017 / No Comments »
Today in Tower there are students giving away free Caribou Coffee!! I saw a snapchat from a friend that there is a stand somewhere outside of the Mitchell auditorium with Caribou Coffee, and I'm sad that I missed it.  Honestly, there are so many things that are happening around the school on a daily basis.  I get so many emails all the time about free events that different clubs are hosting.  There have also been a ton of emails notifying students that the first meetings for all the clubs have been occurring within the past couple of weeks.  If you didn't go to the Club Fair, you can still attend any club meeting and be a member of that club.  It really is up to you how involved you want to be in school or not, which is really nice.

Intramural Soccer

by / September 21st, 2017 / No Comments »
It's official! This Sunday Intramural soccer will begin. My team, Chicanos United, will be in its 7th Tournament since the Fall of 2015. We have won 6 out of the seven tournaments we have entered and we hope to win this one.

First Senate Meeting

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This past Sunday we had our first Senate meeting of the year. This did not include the new senators that will be official this Sunday. We discussed DACA, new Senate positions, and introduced who everyone is in Senate.

Student Senate

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Student Senate elections have come to a wrap. The Freshmen student body have made a choice and we have 9 new senators that will be inaugurated this Sunday!