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Bye-bye Duluth

by / May 17th, 2019 / No Comments »
It is bittersweet to leave Duluth in the summer. On one hand, I am happy to be done with exams and the semester, and I’m eager to move on to the next chapter. On the other, I am told summer is a beautiful time in Duluth, and I’ve never had the opportunity to experience that. They claim Duluth is a four-season city, but don’t let yourself be fooled: while four seasons do exist, spring and fall last less than a month each, and winter takes up about 7 months of the year (October through April). You still have a significant portion of summer, to be sure, but unfortunately I’ve never experienced it so I can’t vouch for it. Perhaps next year! 

Packing up!

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One of the most shocking things I’ve experienced in the US as an international student is how quickly they kick you out of the dorms after you finish finals. This is the third time I experience it, and I still don’t get used to it. The worst part is that it seems to be common practice, and the fact that they charge you significantly to stay additional nights is only more aggravating.  Read the rest of this entry »


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As the year comes to a close, it becomes time to say goodbye to people. Most I will see next fall, but some are graduating, and who knows when I’ll see those again? I appreciate the close community St Scholastica continuously forges among its students, but I wonder whether such cohesion is strong enough for students to stay in touch after graduation. It is not until you have to say goodbye to some people that you realize how close you’ve gotten, so it will be interesting to see who stays in touch and who doesn’t. I suppose I will find out soon enough (I’m graduating in a semester), but until then, congrats to the graduated! 

Summer feeling

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These last few days have had a distinct feel to them. With the exception of Wednesday and Thursday, when it snowed, it has felt like summer. While in Spain this feeling extended itself from early May till the end of June (when classes usually finish there), here it lasted (literally) a few days—both because classes finish early and because pleasant weather is an ephemeral event here in Duluth. But I certainly appreciate that we finish so early at St Scholastica: having four months of summer means we can do summer research and still have time to hang out with family! 


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I am officially done with my thesis capstone! I submitted the paper on Thursday. Some concluding thoughts: it's been a different experience, it's satisfying to work on something for a whole year, I wouldn't want the same project to extend any longer. Read the rest of this entry »