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Spring Semester

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We are already halfway through the Spring semester and I could be happier. I was enrolled in a 2 credit course and before Spring break I took my final exam and had a final presentation. This means that now that this class is over I will be having more time to focus on the classes that have been more challenging for me. I also am trying to get ahead of my school work, for I am planning to take some days off around Easter Break vacation. Some close relatives of mine will be visiting Minneapolis, and taking into account that I am an international student I do not get to see my family frequently. I am already looking forward to their visit and showing them around the area. Getting ahead of the online classes I am taking should not be very demanding, but I need to make sure to let my professors know of my absence. In the meantime, I am enjoying what little remains of Spring Break vacation.

Little Big Town

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Tonight, IN DULUTH, Little Big Town is performing at AmsOil Arena!!! My mom bought our family tickets quite some time ago, and it is finally here!! They are on a small tour, and their openers are Midland and Kacey Musgraves.  I'm really excited to go to this concert because it is somewhat a small venue.  It starts at 7:30 tonight, and I'm not entirely sure how long they will play for, but either way it will be a good time!! I am wondering if I will see people I know tonight since the concert is in Duluth.  If you look up concerts in Duluth online, there are many different small (and some big) performers that come around and play in Duluth.  Thomas Rhett, G-Eazy, Chris Stapleton, Jon Pardi, and various other large performers have been at AmsOil just in the past couple of years that I have been in college.  Most often I usually miss the fact that they will be here until someone puts it on their snapchat stories.  Tonight I finally am in the loop and ready to go!!!!


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Today I had an interview for my job after I graduate college this spring!!! I am in between applying for physician assistant graduate schools and graduating, so I will be taking a year off from school to work and gain more experience in the healthcare field.  As of today, I will officially be working in the Emergency Department of Unity Mercy Hospital as a ED Technician.  As an ED Tech, I can do anything from taking blood, working the EKG machines, cleaning up rooms, and things like that.  I will be getting certified for all of this come May when I graduate and then I will be on my way.  My plan is to spend a year working at a hospital as an ED Tech and hopefully getting accepted into some sort of graduate program (hopefully somewhere accepts me)!!!

Spring Break

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So far, I am enjoying the Spring Break. I needed a small break from school after about 3 months of hard work for the second semester of this school year. I have been relaxing and spending it with old friends from high school and friends from CSS. The break is going by fast. I wish it was a bit longer! I will be heading back to Duluth on Sunday and do a bit of last-minute homework!!! I sure needed a break from school!

Baseball and Softball

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As a part of being on the CSS Baseball or Softball teams, you get to go on a Spring Break Trip every year. They go somewhere warmer than Minnesota to play for most of the week that they are gone. I saw that the softball team flew this year while the baseball team drove buses down. Aside from playing their sport most of the day, I know they get the evenings and a couple days off as well. It would be nice to be somewhere warm and actually able to play because Minnesota is too cold and wet to be outside. I'm not sure how much each student has to pitch in for their trips, but I do know that they get some budget money put towards it. It seems awfully fun to be able to travel with some of your best friends for cheap!! Today is the day that my mom and I head back to Minnesota and not long after I will be back up in Duluth at school!!!