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Career Services Training

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This year, I quit my job at career services. One of my summer internships turned into a part time, online volunteer job, which meant that I could no longer afford to work there anymore. However, because I gave a relatively short notice, I offered to volunteer for a couple of weeks while the new student employee gets comfortable with the work. To be honest, she is far more driven than I was, and I am confident that once she gains some more experience, she will be a better fit than me in the long run. For now I am simply enjoying the fun of working in the warm, welcoming environment career services has always offered, without the pressure of getting the work done myself!

Bird Watching

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Today I went bird watching! It seems we're moving on from entomology (study of insects) in my field biology course, and in today's class we visited Hawk Ridge, a rather pretty bird sighting place in the area. Because we were with CSS, we were invited in to see the area deeper into the forest where they conduct research. They even allowed us to release a few small birds that they had captured in their nets! Overall, it was a very pleasant field trip. Field biology is definitely living up to its name!

Homecoming Week

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Happy Homecoming week here at St. Scholastica! Events begin starting tomorrow, September 16th with donuts and coffee in the Student Union. Later in the day at Greenview Dining Room is the second annual Heck-uva Hot Dish dinner event. On Tuesday Men's and Women's soccer have home games. On Wednesday, the Student Activities Fair is happening in the Student Union and in the evening there is the Homecoming Knockerball Tournament. Thursday CAB hosts an outdoor movie event. Friday has the annual chili feed in Storm's Den followed by the student talent show. Saturday is the big day starting with the tailgate party beginning at one in the afternoon in Mitchell Parking Lot. The annual parade begins at 2:30 and will go around campus. The big game begins at six at Public School Stadium when the Saints take on Crown College. Following the game is the Homecoming Dance in Reif Gymnasium. Men's and Women's soccer finish off Homecoming week with games Sunday.

Intramural Registration

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Today marks one week until the end of intramural registration for the first block! This semester has four different sports being offered. On Monday's it is co-ed advanced volleyball. Tuesday's it is co-ed rec basketball. Wednesday's it is co-ed rec volleyball. And on Thursday's it is badminton doubles and bean bag toss. All intramural sports are free to sign up and participate in for St. Scholastica students! They are a super fun way to meet new people and stay fit. This year I am an intramural supervisor, so I will be in charge of making sure leagues operate smoothly. I look forward to seeing new and returning faces!

Weekend plans

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This weekend I'm going insect hunting! That is one thing I never conceived anyone would ever say. And yet, it is true. Because I arrived in campus a couple of days late because of my summer internship, I have fallen a little bit behind in my classes, and so this weekend I must catch up with homework. Because one of my classes is Field Biology, bizarrely enough, my homework involves hunting insects. The professor was kind enough to loan me the equipment I need  to do so during the weekend, and I am already planning my little escapade!