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Grad School Advice

by / July 15th, 2019 / No Comments »
As you can tell from my last few posts, most of my life currently revolves around applying to grad school in December. I’ve spent the last two months doing research in an ‘elite’ university, and I have some insights I’d like to share with fellow Scholastica students who are interested in applying to grad school or pursuing other competitive positions.  Read the rest of this entry »

Research for Credit

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An important part of applying to Ph.D. programs in psychology is having plenty of research experience. Last year, I did this ‘extracurricularly’: I continued working online for the lab in which I worked over summer at a different university. It was roughly a 10-hours-a-week commitment, which is not too limiting alone, but can become a little cumbersome when you already have other duties in addition to school and are trying to coordinate all of them.  Read the rest of this entry »

Independent Study

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I will be graduating in December, the same month my grad school applications are due. Part of the application process involves thoroughly delving into the literature of your field of interest to see which professors you’d like to work with in grad school, so I’ve taken the ‘Independent study’ course offered by the psychology department as an opportunity to get more familiarized with cognitive and affective neuropsychology research. With the help of my advisor, I have created a syllabus outlining the areas that interest me the most, and that is exactly what I will be investigating during the semester. It is quite exciting to design your own class!

Work at the theatre

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Last semester, I had a class where I helped in theatre. If you want a class with arts or you need arts credit, I recommend that class. It's called practicum theatre students. During that class, I helped buiding the set of the plays that went on during the semester. There are two plays during the semester. I learned a lot about electric tools and painting. It was very energizing, I prefered that class because I was doing something interesting instead of a traditional class. I learned how to use a bolt pistol, different saws, and an electric screwdriver. In addition, I ushered for two plays which means I collected the tickets after people bought them. There is also the option of managing the lights or soundboard during the plays. This position will only require you to be there at reharsals and shows. You also get to see the actors and all the behind the scenes of the play! The crew, staff and actors are all super nice and great company.

End of Summer Class

by / July 9th, 2019 / No Comments »
I finished my summer class yesterday. It was a rockous journey but I am finally done with financial management. I took this class during the summer because I didn't want to have a class late and I knew I would have to take this class because it is a pre-requisite for some classes I will take this fall. Fortunately I had the option of taking the class online as I am working an internship in the cities and not in Duluth this summer. Looking back, this class was very good. I learned a lot of new topics but also I revisited a lot of common ones such as time value money or some cost accouting. I did need some of these refreshers because I hadn't seen some of those topics for a long time! If in your college career taking a summer class is an option, I'd advise to take it. It will lighten the load of classes during the fall and spring and will make you earn more credits in a school year.