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Start on that Resume

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Job fairs coming up, application season on the edge...but you are still studying for that exam on Thursday? I feel you.

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Finding love at CSS!

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I started my Valentine's Day with a wide smile as I read a publication compiled by The College of St. Scholastica Alumni Association that features 40 couples that "found each other, and love, during their time together at St. Scholastica". Then I came across the video above of a proposal made in an actual CSS classroom. GOALS!!! I think today the word 'love' was probably the most used word at CSS. In the student union, 3 clubs and organizations had Valentine's Day activities such as Matchmaking (students fill out a form and hope for the best!) and writing notes and sending heart-shaped lollipops to friends, crushes, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

Resume updates

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I was able to take career exploration for two semester where I learned knowledge to finalize my resume. I have been using same format and updating it since then. However, I never thought about changing it and continue to personalize it with new verbs. The great thing is I am taking management communications this semester and I am learning more new knowledge. I just submitted another final draft of my resume and I am happy that I updated it once again with new knowledge by new professor!

ASU fundraiser!

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the student Union was packed yesterday with ASU fundraiser event selling egg rolls and wontons! This is such a popular event where ASU host the event at least once per semester! The food is so good and it’s handmade by members of ASU. I was able to get lots of food for free when ASU stopped selling. I ate lots and lots of eggrolls! It was so worth it!

Lunch with Co-Workers

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I work in the onestop student service office as a peer mentor savvy saint. My role is to offer financial literacy to students in campus. Currently, there is two savvy saints and two supervisors. We went out for lunch to Crooked Pint this week to discuss accomplishments and future goals. The lunch was a casual meeting at a near restaurant that serves great juicy lucys. I am thankful for such great co workers I have at my CSS job. It was a great time being with co workers who take time off their days to get to understand their student employees a bit better!