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Volleyball 2017

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This will be my last year playing volleyball this next year and it's already sort of bittersweet.  It's amazing how fast the time flies when it feels like it took forever just to get through high school.  I will be graduating a year early, so I won't be able to play the full four years, but I am grateful for the team that I have gotten to play with over the past two years already.  This next year will be an interesting one for sure because my sister won't be playing with me anymore.  It's weird that I'm considered one of the older players now when I still feel like even I have so much to learn still.  We weren't given any specific workouts to do for the summer, but I think everyone knows by now that it's really important to stay in shape.  There will plenty of volleyball posts to come I'm sure!!

New Blogging Boss :(

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I just got an email today from my boss for this amazing blogging job that I have that she will no longer be working for the College of St. Scholastica and therefore will no longer be my boss.  I met her during my freshman year, and it was towards the beginning of the year.  She was the first person at Scholastica to give me a job offer, interview me and actually offer me a job.  I was properly trained in and my expectations and guidelines were listed right away.  The really nice thing about being a blogger is that we never have an office or anything that we have to go to or check-in on.  We can do everything online, either on our phone or on a computer.  We usually communicate through email, so that is also very handy.  I have honestly loved having this job throughout school and wouldn't give it up for anything.  It's a good way for me to share my amazing experiences at school and just in my life in general.  My boss will be truly missed!! :(

Duluth Bound

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I asked for Friday off so I could spend time with friends while I am in Duluth. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone while I am in Duluth for my speech. I plan to go to Canal and head to the lake. I arranged plans with several students who are on campus for the summer. My weekend should be great! I missed so many of my friends. Summer is great but when you create great relationships with Students at Scholastica, It is difficult to be away from them. This is an opportunity to catch up with them

Speech Day

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I just arrived in Duluth. I left work early to present a speech for the President's dinner. I  am excited for this but a bit nervous. I have a few hours to practice my speech. Throughout the week, I was editing and rehearsing my speech all week long. Luckily, my brother bought a mirror and put it in my room so that I could rehearse it. Overall, It should be a great evening. I am excited to meet so many wonderful people who shape up St. Scholastica.

Reflective Painting

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If you had told me my freshman year that in a few years, I would love painting and want to do it all the time, I'd give you the evil eye. I really hated painting. I always wanted to draw. When I took Beginning Painting as a freshman, I struggled with controlling acrylic medium. I hated the concept so much, I would finger paint instead of using a brush! Now I paint for enjoyment. I really owe the switch of mindset to my professor, Sarah Brokke Erickson. She too once preferred drawing and I remember my first conference with her, where she told me she had a big feeling is be back. She's been one heck of an inspiring professor, even when I'm not her student that semester. This summer I have been going up to the art room a lot to paint. The picture above is something I have been working on for on since last week. It's kind of a reflection on growing up, beyond where Duluth can take me. I'm sad I'm leaving Duluth, but there's not really any teaching opportunities here. So my painting will kind of reflect that. Stay tuned!