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Final Internship… DONE

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My final internship for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program has officially been completed. It was a great 10 weeks of working in a private practice outpatient orthopedic clinic in rural WI. I developed quite a few great professional relationships and was able to take part in a some really great opportunities that make the rural setting so special. Read the rest of this entry »

Catching Up

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Today I decided to come into school extra early so that I could catch up with some of my professors and have them explain to me what I missed while I was gone.  I already have taken a small quiz this morning, and now I'm waiting for my Physics professor to come to her office so that she can explain to me the notes a little better.  I was lucky to have a student record the notes for me while I was gone, and I listened to the lectures but sometimes it just isn't the same.  I hope that today both professors will recap on what they learned before break so that I can catch up in class a little bit too.  I have a busy week and a half ahead of me, that's for sure!!! Have a lovely Monday people!!!!

The NEW Dorms

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For many CSS first-years this year, including myself, we had no idea what the renovated dorms actually looked like. The new dorm have great amenities such as a larger sink area, a space for a mini fridge as well as brighter walls and floors and much more floor space. Although, there isn't a ton of storage space with fairly small closets and only one shelf. A tip to the first years in the renovated dorms is to bring some form of storage, I use stack-able boxes from Menards with colorful cloth boxes to fit everything inside. Another way to make your room feel bigger and have more storage space, is to loft both beds. It definitely helps create more storage space. The downside to lofting is changing sheets. This is definitely not something I thought about but changing your sheets close to the ceiling is not much fun and kind of a hassle. Read the rest of this entry »

End of Spring Break

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Spring break came and went by pretty fast, but I definitely enjoyed every moment of it. I was not lucky enough to travel somewhere but I got to sleep in and watch lots of Netflix. The feeling of not having to stress about assignments and deadlines was just awesome. On the other hand the weather this week was perfect so I did a bit of hiking. Now that registration week is coming up, I have to figure out which classes I'm going to be taking next year.I will set up a time with my academic advisor and take care of this. I am definitely looking on to the next half semester as well, cannot wait to get over spring semester. I am not taking very hard classes so I should be able to cope up well. And well I'm also looking forward to the Easter Break!

Spring Semester

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We are already halfway through the Spring semester and I could be happier. I was enrolled in a 2 credit course and before Spring break I took my final exam and had a final presentation. This means that now that this class is over I will be having more time to focus on the classes that have been more challenging for me. I also am trying to get ahead of my school work, for I am planning to take some days off around Easter Break vacation. Some close relatives of mine will be visiting Minneapolis, and taking into account that I am an international student I do not get to see my family frequently. I am already looking forward to their visit and showing them around the area. Getting ahead of the online classes I am taking should not be very demanding, but I need to make sure to let my professors know of my absence. In the meantime, I am enjoying what little remains of Spring Break vacation.