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“What did you do over Spring Break?”

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Did you all get asked the same question in each class too ?

OH YEAH! We are sailing in the same boat. To be honest, I cherished a Stay-cation in Duluth with a mini-trip to Boston to see fam. I didn't do anything over-the-top exciting, but I entertained myself with the joy of melting snow. And that was enough! Read the rest of this entry »

CAB Movie this upcoming week

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Those of you who are yet to watch the new Aqua man movie will want to take part of the CAB event this upcoming Friday. CAB will be showcasing this movie at the Science auditorium from 8 to 10 pm. They will also be handing out snacks and soda to attendees. This is a great option for Friday night plans.

Book reports

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Throughout the semester for one of my classes I am to work on two book reports. I looked over the books' titles and decided to read one over the break. I read the Alchemist, which to my surprise was definitely shorter than expected. After having read the book I was then to write a sort of reading journal about it. It feels great being done with this assignment, and having been able to take advantage of the days off.

Back from Springbreak

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As the break comes to an end more students are making there way back to campus. Without a doubt these past couple of days at Saint Scholastica have been very quite. Most students got to either go back home or to some other place, the few that were still around the area most likely spent a couple of hours at their on campus jobs. As the snow starts to melt, we now only have seven more weeks of school before the semester comes to an end.

Disability Mural Project

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  Today I met Mr. Peter at the Student Union. He was working on the grabbing Mural on the first floor in Tower Hall that. The Mural was opened and installed on March 05, 2019 on Duluth's main campus. In order to support and encourage such a noble and thought-provoking art exhibit, the campus gladly welcomed and promoted the same. Read the rest of this entry »