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Students arriving at CSS

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Two days ago I moved back to campus, and I can already tell that a couple of students especially athletes are already back. The soccer women's team and the football team have already started their practices. Saint Scholastica is slowly transitioning from its quite Summer environment to that of welcoming students back. Some of the incoming freshmen have already started participating in SOAR trips as well. I am looking forward to my last year at CSS.

Changes in Birch Apartments

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This current academic year, I have been placed in the Birch apartments. I had lived in Scanlon Hall my first year and in Somers Hall my second year at CSS. I was a bit hesitant about the condition of the Bricks apartments as a whole. My opinion about these has somewhat changed as this past weeks the floors in the Birch apartments were renovated. Not only are these floor way better than having a carpet, but they also make the apartments look more modern.

Movies at the Park

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This past Friday, the RA training started and a couple of the students who are being trained including myself went to Lester Park to watch Jumanji. The Movies at the Park event takes place every Friday throughout Summer, and the movie being played usually starts around 8:30 pm. I was surprised to see how many people attended this event before the Summer comes to an end those who are in the area should consider this as a Friday night plan.

Moving In Early

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There's always a couple of students who get to move in earlier before school starts. Usually, these are the athletes who start their training sessions earlier in the year, Freshmen who are partaking in events or those whose on-campus job starts earlier. Last year I moved from Cedar, my Summer housing to Somers, two weeks before school started. One of my on-campus jobs requires me to arrive earlier and this year I will be moving to the Bricks. During my first year at CSS, I was placed in Scanlon which has been by far my favorite, I am looking forward to seeing my apartment for this upcoming year.

Duluth featured in the WSJ

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Yesterday as I read through a couple articles on the WSJ website I came to read one mentioning Duluth. The title of this article was " What Duluth Can Teach America about Declining Political Civility" Read the rest of this entry »