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Tasting School Brewed Beers

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Today, the first two groups in my chemistry of beer course presented the beers they’ve been brewing the last three months. It was an exciting moment that passed with no memorable instances, but I should note that while the beers were not outstanding (nor underwhelming, to be fair), it was interesting to see how, automatically, upon trying such a distinct flavor, my mind raced to explain the nuances of this beer with the knowledge I’ve acquired in class throughout the semester. The bitterness? Hops. Darker color? Must have to do with the boiling of the malt. etc. Without a doubt, my biggest takeaway from today is that experiential learning is impactful!

FOOD Insecurities

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Most of us are aware with what 'Food Insecurity' stands for.

Some of us have even experienced it at some point in our lives. Read the rest of this entry »

Moving Out

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As school comes closer to an end, I have decided to get started on getting rid of some items I no longer need. Despite the fact that I did donate some clothing last semester, it seems that there is still a lot to give away. I have started selecting the items I want to donate and separating them from what I what to sell and what I want to keep. So far I was trying to sell some of my books, my tv, and my minifridge. Fortunately, the appliances were sold in less than a day, I am yet to sell my books, which even though I have significantly enjoyed them moving them around would be somewhat of a hassle.

Happiness in cultural artifacts

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One of the classes I am currently taking involves working on a semester-long portfolio. This portfolio is made up of different components including 20 cultural artifacts. These artifacts were to be related to the pursuit of happiness. As I read some of my non-school related books, watched movies and listened to podcasts I tried to remember to take note of these artifacts. As I am now working on putting it together, it now seems that I am yet to find some additional ones in order to have the 20 I need. So far I have started to lean on making usage of some poets' quotes, we will see how concluding this portfolio continues going.

On Campus Events

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For one of my on-campus jobs, we are to plan events that are meant to help built community at CSS. A couple of my fellow coworkers had a Game of Thrones season premiere watching party and it turned out to be a success. Having seen this I decided to partner up with them and host an episode 3 watching party. Besides getting to watch the show we will be also giving out free pizza. Make sure to stop by Scanlon's 1st lounge at 745pm this upcoming Sunday.