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Let’s plan for next semester!

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We have been planning for next semester since a couple of months now and I changed my mind a couple of times because of the workload that I will put myself into. It is totally normal to change your mind about your major. I have a couple of friends that did change their mind at least three times. I did change my major once since I came to CSS a year ago. I would love to take all scientific classes, which is good for my major (Biochemistry). However, it might be too much workload even though it is a 16 credit courses that we are talking about. I am hoping to take organic chemistry, anatomy and physiology, calculus I and a psychology class. That is my plan for now. I love human biology and I want to learn the way the body functions. One of the ways to know how it does function is to get to know the components of it. That is why I am taking A&P.I have never taken a real lab before because we never had the safe equipment to do so. I am very excited about these classes because some of them combine both lecture and lab.

First year

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I remember the first day I landed in the United States. I remember how fascinated I was, how randy, excited but intimidated I felt when I first saw the castle while I was walking towards the entrance of the College. My mind was full of questions, fears, motivation, and aspirations. I never realized how challenging it could be for an international student to get used to such a challenging environment. My year has been rough but luckily, I was surrounded by a good community. Saint Scholastica’s staff is wonderful. In fact, while I was diving deep into nothingness, loss of identity and lack of purpose I found unbelievable resources, people to talk to but above all family to get advice from. I learned a lot about myself being here, so for those out there who desire to truly know themselves, get out of there comfort zone and find a road to follow, this college is the place for you.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

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The last requirement for the Psychology major is a course called Learning Outcomes Assesments. It is a zero-credit course, but don’t worry: it’s not a real class. At some point by the end of the semester, you are asked to take an exam (that isn’t graded)—and that’s it. Its sole purpose is to see how much of the knowledge being taught in the Psychology curriculum is actually being retained in students’s memory at the time of graduation. It is used by professors to improve their teaching, and make sure that students actually learn the material that will prepare them for their future as Psychologists. 

Mailboxes (over summer!)

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As an international student, there’s always a little insecurity around summer. You don’t have a house to store your belongings, or an American address to send things if you have to. Fortunately, CSS has taken care of both of those things. The summer storage option is incredibly convenient, and—perhaps surprisingly—knowing you have a mailbox that belongs to you for the entire duration of your undergrad is equally reassuring. It is a small thing that isn’t often talked about, but the ability to put down an address as yours even though you might be living in different apartments during these four years is very  comforting. For instance, I know that even though I’m not there, if a friend wants to send me something trough the mail over summer they can send it to that address and I know I’ll receive it when I get back in the fall. As simple as this sounds, I find it very valuable! 


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Part of the chemistry course I took last semester involved biochemistry. I found it fascinating (and the ancient idea of human thermodynamics even more so, albeit quite unattainable at this point in time), so I am taking microbiology with the intent of expanding my knowledge of the biological underpinnings of the body. I will be taking this class online and I’ve heard the professor ya built a robust platform for it, so I’m looking forward to it!