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School acceptances, how do I choose?

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I remember that at the same time last year I was trying to decide which school to get into since I got my acceptances later than other students. I was trying to pick between more than five schools that I never had the chance to visit before. It was like choosing to go abroad to live in Europe but without having enough information beforehand. I narrowed down my list to the private colleges because they offer more advantages for example smaller class size and better professor to student ratio, which implies easier access to professors. I got to know the schools and what was their ranking. Then I started to get to know the states and cities in which my schools would be and saw whether or not I would see myself in there. The first pictures I saw of Duluth made me fall in love with it. I was in love with how much outdoor activities could be done and also by the beauty of the college’s campus. I knew right then that Saint Scholastica would be my home away from home.

Movie theatre

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Summer is the best time of the year to have fun, and also the time you make decisions about your future. Duluth is a great place to do so with all the outdoor activities and the great views that it offers. There is always something happening around the college. From concerts to the Vintage & Vinyl Market different activities are available. Some of the best things to do is to go to the movie theatre with all of these new movies coming out. You will probably not have enough money to see them all. However, Duluth Marcus theatre have it all covered with their super saving days. There is two dates to keep in mind Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday is called "Movie Tuesdays", which is open to all for only $5. When Thursday is called "Student Thursdays" for $6 only for students with a valid student ID. What a great deal! Isn't it? Read the rest of this entry »

Field Biology

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Field Bio is one of the more practical courses offered at CSS. Most of the material is learned--literally—in the field. Upon discussing with the professor whether it would be a good fit for my interests, I learned that the whole course takes place in the outdoors, where we explore the flora and fauna in the areas surrounding campus. Being interested in research, taking this course is a very interesting project. While not entirely linked to psychology research, active investigation comprises the backbone of this class, so I’m looking forward to it!

Online Microbiology Course

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Declaring my biology minor 3 semesters before graduating was problematic. It didn’t have to be, there were enough classes I was interested in that fitted the requirement, and I had enough empty space in my schedule to make it work. However, due to some last minute changes of staff in the biology department, I was left with relatively few options to fulfill all of my requirements. Fortunately, even though the presential microbiology course conflicted with my schedule, the professor (who happens to be the chair of the department) was extremely understanding, and offered me to take the course online!

Foundations in Biology

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One of the classes I’ll be taking next semester is Foundations in Biology. It is ironic I will be taking a freshmen-level course in my last semester (fully inconceivable in my home country), but it is a requirement for the biology minor I declared two semesters ago.  Read the rest of this entry »