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Exhibit Reflections

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As I prepare my final images for my photography exhibit opening, I find myself reflecting on what it felt like this past Spring to have my work up on a wall for others to see. It was something I was not fully comfortable with at first, but I found a liking for it as the time went on. An exhibit gives an artist the opportunity to share their discoveries with the world. I have found a deep appreciation for the human expression and our individual ways of living in this world, sharing our emotions, and interacting with one another. Through my learnings in photography, I have been able to capture specific moments in the human experience that help represent my observations of individuality in 'The Human Expression'. I am honored to be able to share my photographs with The College of St. Scholastica community. Read the rest of this entry »

Campus Ministry Fun-tivities

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Sometimes work can be so overwhelming, but when you have great company it becomes bearable. Last week was quite hectic with training and preparation for the academic year. However, in-between meetings and training sessions, I and other CM student leaders took the liberty to practise group self-care and went on a hike in the woodlot close to the monastery! Read the rest of this entry »

UMD Scrimmage

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Today we scrimmaged the UMD volleyball team, like we do every year.  It went okay, and it seemed to go a lot better than last year.  Last year as a freshmen, I didn't really know what I was doing.  Taking on a Division 2 team as a Division 3 team is surprisingly very different.  It's fun watching them play because they play at such a high level, and they're even good for D-2.  Playing against them can be so tough, but we go into it with an open mind ready to try our best to compete with them.  It seems like the teams' attitude towards volleyball and each other has changed so much this year and that makes me happy and excited for the rest of our season.  It's only just begun!!

To Be On Trail

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To be on trail is the closest thing I know to traveling abroad, truly. I have never traveled outside of the United States, and I have always traveled to places like Colorado and Florida with family. Come September, I will be flying to London by myself. Yes, there are other students from The College of St. Scholastica going there to study as well, but I will be flying there alone. My hope is to learn as much as I possibly can by being away from home, being away from the culture I have always know, and being introduced to new ideas and world views. This is how my camping and guiding trips relate to traveling abroad. When I am on trail, I have to adapt to the environment and the conditions that surround me. I am often faced with experiences that force me outside of my comfort zone, but I find a way to persevere. I do not have the comfort of home, my bedroom, and all of my things while out there. I am simply with the world and those who are along, and I am reminded of the beauty and wholeness of simplicity. I look forward to the experience that awaits in London. Read the rest of this entry »

Seeing People

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Since I've been on campus, as of last Thursday, I think I have seen and hung out with all of my friends and the people that I had expected to see.  I see a lot of my football friends either at the gym or the dining hall.  I have also met a lot of the new freshmen football players by hanging out with the new freshmen on our team for volleyball.  It's been a lot of fun catching up and meeting new people.  I consider myself a social butterfly, so seeing people again and hanging out with them is one of my favorite things to do.